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WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

Simple concept, right?  With the elimination of the old MEMBER AREA it's butt-simple to see what you’ll get when you join.  Just click the content buttons to see ALL of the current member content - at least ALL the SAMPLES.  In order to see anything besides the samples/previews you'll have to pony up and join. (Duhh..)

You'll notice that I'm keeping a LOT more content up at any given time than ever before.  HOWEVER - this still isn't (and never will be) one of those crappy "archive" sites where you join, see everything that they ever did, and quit.  Ain't enough money in it to keep the site going that way.  You pay for a monthly subscription, you get WEEKLY updates and when we need "face space" for new content we'll pull the older content off without notice... so don't get too far behind or it'll pass ya by!

Privacy Policy 

Short and sweet - we don't share member info with anyone - EVER. We don't keep a mailing list - PERIOD. We will NEVER contact you for any reason - unless you initiated the contact. That means that we pass up lots of marketing opportunities - all the time. It also means that even if a member's credit card expires and the membership ends, we will not contact you. It's company policy, it's immutable, it's how I would like to be treated (but seldom am). Your privacy will never be an issue with any of our sites, you'll never get more spam because of us, you'll never get some potentially embarrassing email from us.

One confirmation email is generated automatically when you join, it's the only contact you'll ever get from this site (unless you contact us with an issue requiring a reply). 

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