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Okay. This'll be a riot. The "Combat Colosseum" has Mary Jane Green taking on Diana Knight (NOT wise). But Diana's biggest problem could just turn out to be Stacy Burke, the referee! The "Pole Smokers" burst into flames this week! Nothing like a foot in the ass to get some action. More frettin' and whining from the "Hottie Boxers" but that's over now. Time to fight!

Then a couple short stories: "Coed Calamity" about a couple gals lookin' for some grade inflation and "Just Deserts" about a guy that's really quick thinking. And smart! Then a new "Scrapz" episode rapidly devolves into a brawl. As it should.


Well, all good things must come to an end, right? So it is with The "Combat Colosseum" MUD match! And the winner is.. dirty! This week we're starting "Pole Smokers" a look behind the scenes of the local titty bar and the practice that takes place to expertly work those poles! Both "Hottie Boxers" are catching the whip this week as the referee explains how things are gonna be.

"Prison Bitches" is up with a yard fight in issue #2 and "Last Wish" is DYING to entertain you! And the kinky royals bash and smash in "Marie Antoinettet" - just for fun!

Fun is good!

Mud-slinging booby babes rule in the "Combat Colosseum"! They're get'n to the end of the match so there's some desperation showing. And The "Jaded Genie" concludes this week! Make a wish? The 'referee' is striking out at the "Hottie Boxers" for dragging their feet instead of fighting to the death. Damned if ya do, damned if..

New "Scrapz" battle this week! Nothing says 'I disapprove' like a mop handle up the ass! Deep in the jungle, one exploratory babe gets a lesson in the local customs as "Tomb Katz" shows up in the short story section. And pirates take their 'booty' after a pitched battle in "Big Boob battleship"!

Ahoy matey!

Slippin' n slidin' in the "Combat Colosseum" this week as KC and Mia struggle to come to grips in the slimy mud. Somehow, they manage! The "Jaded Genie" has lost the will to serve her new master. Instead she'll punish her for her arrogance! The "Hottie Boxers" meet their new tormentor this week and he wastes no time demonstrating who's the boss!

A little on the side just cost one guy his marriage and the "other woman" pays much, much more in "Cleaning out the Garage"! Lil Mz Busy-body butts in where she doesn't belong and gets drug into the sinful "Battle in the Burbs". Just shows the value of minding your own business! Then "Prison Bitches" begins with the introduction of a new jailbird into the chaos of a violent hell-hole of corruption. This week she gets her first lesson in survival. She better learn fast!

Caged booty!

Mixed results on the Genie front. The "Jaded Genie" is dishin' out the pain to the chick that set her free and has no intent on granting any wishes while the Genie set loose in "Scrapz" had to grant that "I wish to kick your ass" request. Apparently, results may vary? KC and Mia are rolling in the mud BIG TIME for the "Combat Colosseum" viewers. It's supposed to be good for the complexion, ya know?

The final installment of the "Worst Nurse" saga is up and the title is certainly up for grabs! The "Hottie Boxers" wake up in a strange place all groggy and confused. But as their heads clear they're gettin' PISSED! And a natural athelite discovers that winning in the ring is a snap - but it's what happens in the locker room that makes her unforgettable in "My New Job"! Here's hoping that your wife doesn't beat up your Valentine. Or, if the worst happens..


So she rubbed the lamp but the damn Genie doesn't want to give her any wishes? WTF! Maybe if she beats the crap out of the "Jaded Genie" she'll change her mind. It's worth a shot! Then huge boobs ooze through the mud as our "Combat Colosseum" gals jiggle and bounce their way amidst the grime. "48" CONCLUDES this week with the end of the dangerous under cover operation. Fortunately, there was plenty of time for a 'happy ending'.

They were set to put on another fantasy fight show at the club. But somehow they were snatched and now they'll REALLY fight to see which one survives in "Whatever Happened to the Hottie Boxers?"! When does a little on the side turn into a foot in the crotch? When you get caught and it's a "Campfight". Ouch. Then high morals can't trump huge boobs and one preachy virgin is gonna lose it all in "Rough Treatment"!

Morals? HA!

Some chicks just won't follow the instructions - the "Jaded Genie" is out of the bottle and now Mz Ignorethewarning is gonna find out why she was put in there in the first place! And it's an epidemic! There's another bad-ass genie on the loose in this weeks "Scrapz"! But things come down to earth in the "Combat Colosseum". KC is all business as she takes on Mia in the MUD match.

The "RoboBabes" wrap it up this week with a devastating loss complete with a huge wager that must be paid! Then a little 'angel of mercy' action as the "Worse Nurse" returns with her own style of intensive care. Lastly - a couple of low rent strippers duke it out for a big payday in "Rent Money Rundown". I'm bet'n on the chubby one.

Safe bet.

Mia's big boobs usually get the attention but now she's in a MUD "Combat Colosseum" bout with K.C.s Cannons! Hope she's ready for war. Then.. don't open the box. Don't even THINK about polishing that lamp! 'Cause inside there's a very "Jaded Genie" and she doesn't play well with others. "48" is all about the tongue lashing that one agent is taking - death by orgasm! The "Hypersex Arena" continues the beach battle while " a couple of beer swillin' hotties clash in "Trailer Park Trauma" from Slid. This might be the end - "Robobabes" has one gal down - HARD - and she doesn't look likely to get back up. Ouch.

That's gonna leave a mark.

Say goodbye to Breena and Vanilla this week 'cause this "Combat Colosseum" bout just climaxed! And "Princess Whore" saga reaches a decision too. One gal becomes master of all while the other is doomed! The "Robobabes" are still amusing the pervs with their mutual destruction and that sword fighting "Scrapz" encounter just gets better and better! Two short stories round it out -"Worse Nurse" from Slid and a real slug-fest called "Power Girls".

Dig in.

They were warned that if they have an orgasm they'll lose but SOMEBODY apparently can't hold back anymore in "Princess Whore"! The bubbles burst in the "Combat Colosseum" this week as Breena applies the "super wedgie"! Ouch! It's too big, there's no way that's gonna fit in there! Oh yes it will and you'll LOVE it! (from "48" - don't miss it!)

The "Robobabes" wish that they'd passed up on this gig but .. so what! We're having enough fun for them too. The "Hypersex Arena" goes to a tropical island for some in-depth training. The boys are making the most of it! "Extensive Care" demonstrates how Obamacare is supposed to work. At least until that "second opinion" arrives. NOW it's an emergency! Help doctor..

..I need some care!

It's a new year and Vanilla pops out of the pool like a cork! Breena seems surprised but regroups for a re-soap in the "Combat Colosseum". Treachery and deceit are a girls best friend in "Princess Whore" - and these gals are masters! The pervs seem to have the remote controls figured out now 'cause there's some serious beat-down going on in "Robobabes".

The awesome sword-fight continues in "Scrapz" and bitchy babes are dukin' it out in this weeks short stories "Personal Trainer" and "Catfight Garage". Just the thing for a New Years hangover!


There's been an incident in the "Combat Colosseum". Somehow, after getting re-suds'd during the break, somehow, they've both lost their bikini tops! How does that kinda stuff happen? And elsewhere, big-breasted mortal enemies try to force each other to orgasm to gain control of the known worlds in "Princess Whore". "48" continues with one cop beat to snot and out cold while the other gets the humiliation treatment chained to a bed. Law and order are not on the menu.

The "Hyper Sex Arena" resumes with the thrilling conclusion of the pink v blonde match while "Black Widow 2" resumes the ultra stacked MILF's carnal corruption of the neighborhood youth! Then some kind of malfunction hits one of the "Robo-Babes" and the result is violently predictable. And nice to look at.

Best wishes for a great 2018,

The "Combat Colosseum" bout 'tween Vanilla and Breena bubbles on while "The Princess Whore" gets down to some dirty sex-fight domination! There's a 4 part Sword Fight starting in "Scrapz" and the "Robobabes" have started stripping each other in between the frantic fisticuffs! This is it! Last issue of "Jamie Blonde" is up and will be goin' away soon. And Slid presents a coming of age story about the "Black Widow"! It's last part of December so happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays (to the PC sect). As for me I fully intend to have (and wish for you) a ..

Merry Christmas!

Oh boy oh boy! Gotta real sweet "Combat Colosseum" starting this week! Vanilla takes on Breena in a controversial bout that still starts arguments. Vanilla is so hot.. but.. Breena seems to be "spreading the love around" and it might be that the refs are in the tank! "Princess Whore" marks a distinct change in tactics for both contenders. Oh yeah, the sex fight is ON! Poor "Robobabes"! Their inept "controllers" (the pervs) are completely unconcerned about any battle damage that they take. This week's episode ends in a brutal beating of a defenseless Jewell . I think she really "knocked her block off"!

"48" continues as one naked detective gets double teamed (the fightin' kind) while the other gets double teamed in an even more insidious way! Now it's a race to see who caves in first! The new contest in the "HyperSex Arena" starts with some real nasty fightin' moves but quickly shifts to some unorthodox pussy lickin' maneuvers. Whatever it take to win! And finally this "Company Tradition" wouldn't last long these days. Talk about sexual harassment.. on steroids!


Well, the "Combat Colosseum" match wraps up this week and it's still anybody's fight. So this one goes strong to the very end but there must be a winner! And check out the shower/strip clips too! "Jamie Blonde" can't take on two sex-bots in a fight. But she's more than enough to take 'em one at a time! The "Princess Whore" contestants are down and dirty as this sex fight for control of the Galaxy gets down to business!

There's a first round decision in "Robo Babes". But the losing perv thinks his woman can come back in the second round. We'll see.. "Scrapz" returns with more inter-office groping and a fresh new fight! Then Slid rounds out the week with "Tiki Hut Take-down" and the ancient gods approve!

Me too!

Ok. Finally. "Princess Whore" gets down to the carnage with Nika Noir vs. Bridgette B. - OH BOY! The "Combat Colosseum" takes a brief "re-oil" break but it doesn't last long and then they clash again! And irony is us? I mean, just look at all the guys get'n flamed over "improper sexual" behavior every day - then check out "Man's World". Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

And how non-PC could we possibly be? "48" answers that with more nasty attacks on the undercover cops with the mega-knockers! Uh-oh.. I don't think the "Robo-babes" would pass the test either. But luckily, the statute of limitations has expired and both pervs have faded into obscurity. But their antics still resound in the halls of Catfight Central! Then a casual drink at the corner bar turns into a savage catfight in the "HyperSex Arena"! Even on her day off.. tsk, tsk.

Bottoms up!

Well, it's the night before Thanksgiving so here's some goodies to boost your appetite! The "Combat Colosseum" continues with Nadia working out her opponents perky boobs and "Princess Whore" contestants discover the cost of disobedience. Then the "Rock 'em Sock 'em Robobabes" saga gets a catch-up from last weeks "oopsie". We've fixed a problem on issue 4 and posted issues 5 & 6! The pervs are still get'n the feel of the controllers but the fun's going full steam!

"Jamie Blonde" defeats all the killer-bots but meets her match when the pleasure-bots won't give up her boyfriend! Smudge's "Fantasy Fighting Federation" wraps it up in the short story section and the "Sacrifice" fights back in Scrapz"!


Well poo. There's no "Robobabes" update this week. I discovered a huge error in the files and I'm up against several deadlines so.. I'll fix it and do a double posting on it next week. Sorry 'bout that >sigh<. But hey, there's new "Combat Colosseum" clips and more "Princess Whore" as well as a wacky comic from Smudge called "Fantasy Fighting Federation" and episode 10 of Briaeros "48"!

Then the "Hypersex Arena" presents another slam-out with the loser thrown to the crowd!

Double "Robobabes" next week!

"Princess Whore" continues to suffer the humiliation of the ritual cleansing while the "Combat Colosseum" gets down to the "BOOBS OUT" part of the fight at last! "Jamie Blonde" polishes off her last robot assassin and now she's goin' for the brains behind these attacks. After a little trial and error the pervs have the "RoboBabes" ready to battle! Tit's-out of course..

An elaborate sacrifice hits a snag in "Scrapz" - mainly 'cause the sacrificee hasn't been sold on the idea! Then Slid's "HardHat Slapdown" explores the rough-n-tumble world of the construction zone! Grab a shovel and..

Dig in!

Lopsided? Yeah. It appears that way as the sweet 'lil blonde in the "Combat Colosseum" gets TRASHED by Nadia! Then the "Princess Whore" learns that indignity and humiliation is just the beginning. "48" is pure female combat this week - even if there's a circular saw involved!

"Robo Babes" are such fun. Watch how we make 'em undress each other and grope! The "Hipersex Arena>" gets down to some serious training this week as a new gal prepares to enter the ring - IF she survives! And even back-stage the action is HOT as two gals mix it up in the "Green Room".

Here kitty kitty..

Fresh from last weeks victory over Gummi, Nadia takes on a much smaller opponent this time. We'll see how she fares against the diminutive busty blonde - Adriana in the new "Combat Colosseum"! "Princess Whore" continues but NOT before the all-important ritual cleansing! "Jamie Blonde" fights another android this week and so far it's looking like the not-so-secret agent is TOAST! "RoboBabes" gets hot as the two gals actually put on the remote control devices and the perv promoters take control!

She really wants the car and "Lil Sis" is willing to do whatever it takes to get it! Then the 'love in an elevator' "Scrapz" concludes this week and somebody's gonna have to do a lotta 'splainin'!

Better her than me!

Donny's "Tomb Raider" has met her match in a humiliating capture by the law. Who needs a taser when you've got a dildo? Some special coaching helps this weeks "HiperSex Arena" winner pick up a few extra tips. But I think she's ready for anything. The contestants in "Princess Whore" learn the importance of observing the ritual this week. Maybe they'll remember it this time. The "Rock 'em, Sock 'em Robobabes" are up! And these gals will believe a n y t h i n g! Gonna be fun..

"48" returns with some unconventional interrogation moves and an unexpected opportunity to escape! And the CONCLUSION of the "Combat Colosseum" is up - strip clips and shower scene too!

Lather up!

One "Alley Catz" kitty gets trashed this week in the series conclusion. Really TRASHED. The "Combat Colosseum" gets kinda person as Gummi gets to inspect parts of Nadia far, far closer than she wanted! "Championess" wraps up the 3 part series and "Jamie Blonde" puts a little jujitsu on her android attacker. The competitors are reminded of the rules in "Princess Whore" - it's a SEX battle! And "Scrapz" happen - even in en elevator!

Goin' up?

So what happens when two girls from different worlds have to do sexual battle to determine the leader of both planets? EPIC SEX FIGHT - THAT'S WHAT! Nika Noir and Bridgette B. star in "Princess Whore - The Battle for the Crown" this week! Nadia appears to have Gummi on the ropes in the "Combat Colosseum" but things change so quickly! Crazy kitties mix it up in "Alley Catz". But who brought the brick?

"48" seems like an eternity to two busted undercover cops as they endure the unendurable in the evil clutches of the over-sexed bad guys. The torture moves into a new phase this week - hope they're up for it! New "Hipersex" battle this week too! To the loser goes the cocks! And "Championess" rolls on with a cheated gal on the hunt for the truth - and she's determined to right this wrong!

Me too!

Ahhh.. the glamorous life! Like the "Alley Catz" rolling around in some filthy alley - fighting over spilled milk. And the "Caught in the Act" gals.. wrappin' up the jealous fight over a shutter-bug. And who could deny the allure of of the "Combat Colosseum" where both gals are livin' the high life as they shred each other in a bath of oil?

Maybe the life of a super spy is more exciting? Well, "Jamie Blonde" might opt for a quieter life style if she knew that she'd be matched up a against a series of evil fighting machines. And The "Catfight SCRAPZ" gals? They're rolling around in the street after a small disagreement over money! And you'd think a gal called the "Championess" could aspire to some sort of respectful decorum but no - she whups ass and gets cheated of her rightful respect too! But she won't let it slide..

Get 'em girl!

Well, the "Combat Colosseum" builds on the early heat as Gummi and Nadia writhe and twist their way around each other - looking for the advantage. Meanwhile, "Caught in the Act" has two gals tearin' it up on a hotel bed whilst the object of their jealousy circles the bed taking pictures! He got some good ones too - show ya a little later. "Alley Catz" are a strange breed to begin with but our two kitty-cats kinda set the curve on the crazy scale.

"MNOC" is up in the short story section. Oversized boobs kinda get in the way but somehow these two naked gals make it work! "48" takes a turn for the bad side as one big-boobed undercover cop gets caught snooping and beat up while the other one gets a demonstration in just how raw she can be rubbed. And they're going after the people that make the drug that gives guys an endless woody while it makes all the babes go sex-crazy. WTF? Kinda rootin' for the bad guys, ya know? Then we close things up with "HiperSex" where the ongoing match gets paired down again as another contestant gets pitched out to the pleasure of the crowd!

Toss her my way!

Wow! You get a couple pros and toss 'em in a rubber ring with instructions to fight and guess what? THEY FIGHT! Gummi and Nadia tear it up right outta the gate in this week's "Combat Colosseum" kick-off. Then two gals rip it up in a hotel room while the guy they're fighting over takes pics in "Caught in the Act". The "Alley Catz" are keeping the neighborhood up all night as they prowl and scrap and scream like animals!

"Catfight Scrapz" returns with issue 1 and it's down-n-dirty as money provides the motivation. "Jamie Blonde" awakens in the lair of evil and learns that she's gotta beat three android killers in a fight if she wants to live. So far, she's not doing too well. Then it's all over the news - college riots. But in "College Crush" one brave man steps up to quell the violence - his way!

And it works!

It's the last week for the current "Combat Colosseum". This one goes right to the bitter end. Strip clips are up! "Caught in the Act" gets into the violent meeting of the girlfriend and the "other woman". And they have some things to sort out! The undercover investigation goes haywire in "48" as one agent gets her ass whooped while the other one gets hers split open!

The "Alley Catz" are crying over spilled milk while "The Final Grade" wraps up in the short story section. But the sleeper is "HiperSex Arena" - four gorgeous gals and no rules!

Good luck Florida.
Irma, don't be a bitch!

Wow. I pood the scrooch last week and put "Alley Catz" 3 up before number 2. So please forgive my incompetence as I clean that up this week and put #2 up. Duhh.. But my shortcomings aside.. here's the scoop.

The "Combat Colosseum" has really cooked off and this week the action is just breathtaking (Yeah.. like CHOKING!). "Jamie Blonde" gets copter napped and is once more in the evil clutches of..(we'll find out). "Caught in the Act" kicks off with a clash of two gals that are bangin' the same guy and they're NOT happy about it. Good fun! "Total War" CONCLUDES this week and you'll love the clash of good vs evil! Then "The Final Grade" is up with the first of a two-part bitch-bash that ends with a TWIST!

Bumbling along.. (sigh)

So how do you get an instant fight from a couple of "Alley Catz"? Just add milk! Then 'dedication to duty' doesn't even begin to describe what a couple undercover agents are doing to bust the bad guys. Maybe they will, maybe they won't but the bad guy's sure to "bust" - a nut as "48" continues! The "Combat Colosseum" continues with some strangely ass-intensive wrestling this week and "Insufferable" comes to it's screaming conclusion!

Ians "Schoolgirl Brawl" wraps it up with the final chapter while "HiperSex Arena" showcases a bout that turns into a ROUT!


Strength on display in the "Combat Colosseum" this week with lots of body slammin' action! But in "Insufferable" it's all gone wrong! The motor-mouth is running rampant and that oh-so-sweet receptionist with the delightful rack is get'n her ass wooped! "Jamie Blonde" discovers that her assailants are just machines - then discovers that machines BLOW UP!

"Alley Catz" debuts with a couple of slim 'n supple kitties looking for their next meal. But there's not enough to go around! The clones are destroying the originals in "Total War" and NOW they reveal that they've all got "hidden weapons"! Then "Mata Blond" is on a rescue mission but some she-Rambo has a different idea. MUD FIGHT!!!


Clock's running.. and the undercover cops of "48" finally took out the hookers that they're supposed to replace for the big sting. But once they're accepted and in the limo they find that replacing the hookers means taking on the hookers "duties"! Go ahead girls, you know you wanna! The "Schoolgirl Brawl" continues with some vicious after school beatings and "Country Justice" wraps it up this week with a knocker knock out!

The "Combat Colosseum" gets kinda personal and "Insufferable" whines on with more and more serious attempts to shut that crazy bitch up! Then the "Hipersex Arena" rolls out a fight 'tween the queen of the desert and some commoner in chains!

Let's rumble.

The "Combat Colosseum" gals are losing their cloths as they twist & turn in the oil match. Nobody seems to mind much though. The "Insufferable" gal just keeps on talking but the receptionist finally got a moments peace - when she stuffed her big tit into that wide open mouth! The titty clamp of death gets applied in "Country Justice" but >gasp!< it soon turns out to be a two-way clamp! Mutually assured destruction?

"Mata Blond" has to beat a hasty retreat when her interrogation of her newest victim gets interrupted by his body guard and the cops! But she won't give up that easy. The toughest match of the series begins in "Total War". How can our girls beat.. themselves? Then "Jamie Blonde" defends herself from two bumbling assassins - stark naked of course - while her boyfriend slumbers on.


Well.. the receptionist is doing her best to clamp down on the "Insufferable" loudmouth that's been making her life hell - BUT - Mz. loudmouth doesn't seem to understand that she's NOT being playful. Maybe if she had an ax? I'd give her one! The "Combat Colosseum" features Victoria in what appears to be a hunt for a hidden weapon? Why else would she be so interested in her opponents crotch? Those farm girls fight dirty - "Country Justice" has low blows and ankle biting and guess what? There's NOBODY gonna step in and break it up!

"48" is back and I'm having some doubts about those undercover cops. I mean.. they're get'n their asses kicked by a couple of hyped-up hookers so how are they gonna take on the mob? The "HyperSex Arena" returns with a new fight between the cowgirl sheriff and a.. a LIZARD? Probably gonna piss off PETA. And Ian's "School Girl Brawl" wraps it up with the second issue of the nasty "meet me out back" girl fight. No holds barred here either!

As it should be!

The new "Combat Colosseum" is up! Jamie takes on Victoria in the oil bout of the nubile nymphos! And the long suffering receptionist returns in a stripped down outfit for battle - with the loud-mouth that's driving her crazy in "Insufferable". Hope she gags her.. FAST! "Jamie Blonde" escapes from the nightclub but her plans for a relaxing massage get slashed by a couple knife-wielding assassins! That gal just can't catch a break.

The uber-boobie chicks in "Country Justice" escalate their fracas with some tits-out nipple nibblin'! >OUCH< Then "Total War" slips the rails with a completely out-of-this-world battle between a cute kitty and.. something else! And it's been a long road but "Mata Blond" has the giant diamond in hand but she's not home-free yet. There's one more BIG prize awaiting her! If she doesn't choke!

She loves a challenge!

The "Combat Colosseum" brings another bout to it's conclusion this week. And it's all about the agony of defeat. "Insufferable" rolls on with the witless antagonist just twisting the screws (and being oblivious to it), and "Country Justice" settles in for a bunch of nasty brutality down-home style. The country-folk don't mess around!

"48" begins it's run (and it's one helluva run!) and the "HyperSex Arena" gets a new battle between a couple trash-talkin' uber-sluts! "School Girl Brawl" wraps up this weeks fresher with the first of a three part EPIC teenie-bash!

Teenie-bash - can I patent that?

There's some serious "exploration" going in the "Combat Colosseum" but there's no lull in the action - just the opposite! The "Country Justice" girls strip down and lock up and there's a receptionist about to have a breakdown in "Insufferable" while her torturer remains oblivious. "Mata Blonde" is Innocent! Really! It's all just a misunderstanding with juicy consequences! "Jamie Blonde" faces her toughest opponent in a down-n-dirty alley fight and "Total War" presents the most unfair match we've ever seen (that says a LOT, trust me!).

See ya next week,

This week - THE FINAL ISSUE OF "MAMBA". And it's a shocker! Then there's a fresh flic called "Insufferable" where the walking/talking nerve irritant gets to the receptionist. And she come violently unglued! "Country Justice" is back and the gals free up the big guns fpr battle. "HyperSex Arena" begins with an incredibly violent clash - and it gets nastier from there! There's a short story called "Catfight @ 11" where even the news anchors can't keep it civil and the "Combat Colosseum" suffers from a rogue referee who just loves to squirt his oil!

Don't we all..

The "Combat Colosseum" continues the beatings and those "Internal Combustion" chicks try rubbing each other the RIGHT way this week! "Total War" returns with another sex fight from way out there and "Mata Blond" discovers that getting caught isn't really so bad after all! "Jamie Blonde" finally escapes the ladies room but the danger isn't over yet - not by a long-shot. And "Country Justice" debuts with a couple REAL HEALTHY country gals lookin' to settle a score.

Violence ahead!

So.. it's over! "Slave Sex Fight" comes to an end and probably so too does princess Tynessa (former princess Tynessa actually). Now she'll please the palace staff and other commoners as perpetual punishment for her loss. The "Internal Combustion" chicks can't seem to decide to fight or to make out but the "Combat Colosseum" bout is total, complete WAR! Variety is the spice, right?

Then a big-ass brouhaha occurs in the Gym when a couple of old high school rivals meet up in "Reunion" and the gold digger gets it ALL in "The Will"! And there's a lotta "shut up and lick what I tell you to" in "Love Fight". Me.. I'd do what the lady says!

As usual..

Well there's ONE MORE episode of "Slave Sex Fight" but this week Princess Tynessa has a meltdown! The haughty (former) royal one has the unmitigated GALL to beg for mercy! Needless to say that doesn't go over very well. Those two screaming girls are pretty rough in the "Combat Colosseum" too. But hey - they knew what they were signing up for! And "Internal Combustion" reminds me of the Romper Room song - "Bend & Stretch"!

"Mata Blond" take a job to steal a Rappers new song before he can release it but his main squeeze has different ideas. Unfortunately for her, she's no match for the hyper-skilled spy! "Jamie Blonde" is no slouch either. She's busy bustin' ass on the two spies that ambushed her in the ladies room. Trust me, there are no "ladies" involved! And "Total War" is a blow-out. The unfortunate Earth girl has nothing to counter her opponents tentacles! And after a while... she doesn't care!

Gotta get me some tentacles! (Chicks dig 'em)

Well, the office co-workers in "Internal Combustion" are beat'n the snot out of each other for no apparent reason (works for me!) while the "Combat Colosseum" gets into week 2 of the "Jezebel vs Lucky" bout. Lucky probably ain't feelin so lucky now!

Princess Tynessa is TOAST! Jenha's magic fingers have pushed the royal one over the edge and she has LOST the "Slave Sex Fight"! Next week: the consequences! "MAMBA" is gonna find out if there's any truth to the old "It'll stretch a mile before it rips an inch" saying as the gangs leader displays his weapon of mass destruction and sights it up on her! Just say AHHHH!!!!

A couple of buxom accounto-nerds mix it up in Slid's "Debits = Credits" and there's a multi-generational catfight in "Maternal Instincts" - both in the short story section!

See ya next week!

The "Combat Colosseum" gets a couple new gals but keeps the same attitude - HATRED! Jezebel takes on a gal named Lucky. Guess we'll see if she really is? "Internal Combustion" takes the angst and frustration to a new level - the floor! Roll with it girls. The ever-lovin' "Slave Sex Fight" is a babe on babe hump-fest! You'd think they were lovers - 'cept for that face smashing part!

"Jamie Blonde" is back! This poor gal is just trying to enjoy her date but those nasty spies have another idea all together. And now a date is a mission to survive! Another "Total War" episode is up. This time it's the most unfair, lopsided contest in history but you just can't keep a good gal down! Then "Mata Blonde" tells her own story about the spy game. And she's got a nifty take on "let's make a deal". Just don't trust her..

Words to the wise

We're cashin' in the "Combat Colosseum" this week! But as the bout ends it's time for the strip-clip and the shower scene! "Internal Combustion" heats up as imaginations run wild in the office. But where does fantasy stop and reality start? Then Tynessa is flirting with disaster as Jenha's sweet sweet lips bring her to a slow sizzling orgasm - and the DEATH that will follow in the "Slave Sex Fight".

May.. it's time for some summer time FUN in "Beach Fight" and a blast from waaay back in "BC Slap-down"! Girls will be girls no matter the era. Then sponge up the drama in this week's soap opera "As the Table Turns". If ya can't beat em'.. eat 'em?

Scrappy chicks rule!

Eve's been on a roll in the "Combat Colosseum" but Sydney finds the strength to push back this week. It's comin' down to the wire so if she's got anything in reserve... NOW is the time! "Internal Combustion" starts this week. Seething co-worker resentment is about to destroy the workplace! Oh baby.. Jenha has princess Tynessa in a potentially FATAL lip-lock as the princess' body craves the heavenly release that Jenhas tongue promises. But to let her continue will mean her death! "Slave Sex Fight" ROCKS!

"Mamba" is caught and at the mercy of the biker gang. Humiliation is just the start of what she'll endure before this saga comes to an end. Let's just say that she's about to know the gang leader well and intimately! Two heads are better than one? That's the theory in "Total War" - see how THAT works out! Then one dedicated cop is out to catch a serial burgler in "Wolffe at the Door" but she might just be out-foxed! But if so.. it ain't for lack of trying!

She can arrest me.. anytime!

So they've apparently reached an agreement. "I win - you lose" time for the "Territorial Tramps"! And Sydney catches her second wind and just UNLOADS on Eve in this weeks "Combat Colosseum"! OOH-la-la! The "Slave Sex Fight" continues and each slave is sooo close to an orgasm that she can almost feel death breathing down her neck. Don't forget - she who gets off first is LOST!

Then there's three short stories up this week. "DomiMamma" is over-the-top brutal! Don't mess with the big mamma. And "When Words Don't Matter" is a delightful tale of super-stacked babes that really hate each other - and instant death! Then.. if she wasn't happy as a cop she should'a quit! Now it's too late for a disillusioned detective in "Bikini Bust". But she'll make many a friend in prison!

I'd guard her!

So the "Catfight Colosseum" gets to the tits-out part of the bout and it's never too soon. Jiggling jugs sure get my attention - and the action's hotter then hell. Not to be outdone, "Territorial Tramps" get down to the "strip her and beat her ass" part of their back-alley encounter too! The conclusion of "Jumped In" is up in the short story section and the bad girls discover that they REALLY picked the wrong victim. She's just like them - but better at it!

"Corporate Retreat" is all about one of those nasty company blah-blah's that gets way outta hand and "Total War" sets up the epic battles ahead with some brutal ass-kickin! The "Slave Sex Fight" gets potentially deadly as the bitter rivals try to make each other orgasm - knowing that the first to do so is doomed!

Tough love!

It's over? Yep. "Jamie Blonde" concludes this week! The secret agent with the undercover moves has defeated her arch-enemy Valentina and saved the world! Of course, it wasn't done exactly the way she had hoped.. Eve and Sydney can't keep their hands off each other in the "Combat Colosseum" - and that's just the way we like it! Two hookers, one good location & two nasty attitudes - that's "Territorial Tramps" and we're advancing the action this week.

"Maid Just for You" is a short story about some domestic non-tranquility that the staff has to just let run it's course and the first of a two-part "Jumped In" story about a sweet young thing that's forced to do the nasty to the popular girls in school. But is she really that helpless? And OMG! What an update! Princess Tynessa gets slapped down HARD and now her rival slave has her where she wants her. But even their hatred can't nullify the effects of Gert's magic elixir-goo! The "Slave Sex Fight" rolls on!

So.. let's roll!

It's an alley fight 'tween hookers and NOTHING is off limits! "Territorial Tramps" get gritty and BITES! Hard bodies with big boobs entangle in the "Combat Colosseum" as Eve and Sydney limber each other up with some torturous maneuvers. Looks kinda painful but it sure makes for some great eye-candy! And speaking of big boobs.. "Mamba" is back! She's out for blood but her one-gal destructo-binge gets derailed by the biker gang boss and now she's in for a REAL ride! Bring it!

Oh man.. the "Slave Sex Fight" is in full swing and there's no love lost between these two. But even as they claw and tear at each other Gert's secret goop has them bunny humpin' like they've lost their minds! I guess she kicked all the worthy ass on this planet 'cause the "Total War" champion has moved off-world to find action - we'll see how that works out. Then rounding out this week comes "Latin Dance" where the girls have some really awesome "dance" moves!

Let's dance!

This week's update is easy on the eyes. Eve and Sydney start it up in the "Combat Colosseum" and they're fired up! The "Territorial Tramps" take it down on the dirty alleyway but they don't care. It's a matter of status! "Jamie Blonde" leads a come-back breakout from the lair of evil and another spy gets nabbed and nearly shredded in "Catch the Spy".

The princess and the slave finally clash under the influence of the sex goop. But are they gonna fight or just grunt and rub on each other? Sweet visuals but "Slave Sex Fight" remains an enigma. Then sophistry begets sodomy in "It's Greek to Me" and the pretty lady doesn't like the competition. So she'll eliminate it!


Another knocker-rockin' "Combat Colosseum" comes to an end this week. Pity.. Eve & K.C. have had quite a battle. But the upside is that the second strip-off clip and the shower scene are up 'n posted! This week we're starting "Territorial Tramps" about two urban hookers who are willing to do what it takes to make sure that their competition isn't allowed to encroach. Some things are worth fightin' over!

Just when she's adapted to the shame of the sub-slaves hands all over her, the smell and the greasy feel of the nasty goat butter concoction and the fear of the upcoming contest, princess Tynessa learns that the REAL impact of the treatment is triggered by an audio catalyst. And the "Slave Sex Fight" bell's just been rung! Slid presents a tale of the strip club called "Dragooned Badaboom" that gets everybody involved and "Squared Circle" shows the power of the enraged orgasm as only Donny can. Then may the most shapely breast win in the conclusion of the "Total War" championship! Swing 'em if ya got 'em girls..

Let the bouncing commence!

Valentina finally gets what's coming to her as Jamie gets her in a crotch-lock. But she's still got brain-slaves and they're about to engage! "Jamie Blonde" needs a rescue! Oh dirty Gerty.. so good at spreading that goop in the "Slave Sex Fight" but not all that careful where it goes. But she makes sure that she doesn't miss anything. ANYTHING.

"Room Service" wraps up this week with a mouthful of Justice and the "Combat Colosseum" goes tit-to-tit with elastic results! Slid's "Barfly Slapdown" is up in the short story section and there's a brand new "Mamba" chapter! This one's about to wrap it up so don't miss an episode!

Thanks guys!

The "Combat Colosseum" leaves Eve frustrated. Her best efforts have been thwarted by KC again and again. So she takes a moment to consider the options and then .. ATTACKS! There's no need for reflection in "Room Service". Out "victim" is way too pissed at being the target of a theft to worry about anything. All she wants to do is destroy the intruder! "Slave Sex Fight" continues with dirty Gerty doin' the waaaay dirty to her two charges. And now the haughty Tynessa gets the goop!

It's time for the championship bout in "Total War". It's the first half of the epic climax to the series! The "No-tel Motel" is the scene of a sudden attack as two babes tangle over the old fidelity issue. But the cheating hubby comes out on top of this one! And Donny presents the "Shanghai Surprise"! It's shoulda been a quick "snatch and run" but things kinda got c o m p l i c a t e d!

Happy corporate tax day? (Ugh..)

"Room Service" rages on and the thief gets her clothes ripped off and she's put into a leg lock! Crime don't pay? The "Combat Colosseum" gets down to the good stuff as Eve and KC reveal those treasure chests and wrestle for domination. Boob, boobs everywhere! And just when they thought there might be a moment to compose.. Gert reveals the ultimate aphrodisiac. It's a vile concoction of lard and secret spices that absolutely makes the helpless slaves insane with desire! Yep, the "Slave Sex Fight" gets goopier and even more cruel!

Part two of "Cro-Magnon" is up and the battle is decided - for now. Then another delicious short story called "Strap-on" tells the tale of a hard-working hubby who comes home to a marital revelation - his wife has a girlfriend! And secret agent "Jamie Blonde" gets tossed head-over-arse then has to dodge a death-ray blast but she's still gonna take down the bad girls! Sure, it sounds dirty but..

It's all good clean fun!

Eve and KC deliver the goods in the "Combat Colosseum" again this week. Eve seems to think that she's the anointed winner but KC begs to differ! They'll sort it out.. Then "Room Service" gets down to some serious woop-ass as Stacy Burke attacks the sneaky thief who thought that she'd be an easy mark. Wrong, so very, very wrong! Yearning for release, princess Tynessa can't hide the pleasure that the magical goop and Gerts hands are bringing her. But lost as she is in sensation, she crashes HARD when Gert refuses to let her have that 'gasm! "Slave Sex Fight" is a female version of hyper-blue balls!

Gotta couple of short stories this week too. "Roommates" by Slid and D'praveds "Cromagnon" (1 of 2). One gal poaches her roomie's boyfriend and two long-term frienemies decide to settle their issues once and for all! And "Total War" is back with a vicious semi-final bout that leaves one fighter in tatters.

And so it goes..

Ever popular titty-momma's, Eve and K.C. Cannons, are rippin' up the rubber ring BIG TIME in this week's "Combat Colosseum"! These chicks haven't even ripped off each others bikini tops yet and they STILL show more square inches of succulent boobage than any 10 normal gals. C'mon gals.. rip it off! It's "Room Service" all right - we'll serve ourselves to anything in your room that we want! Or at least that's what a sticky fingers maid (Mary Jane Green) thinks. But her intended victim (Stacy Burke) has damn good hearing and now the shit's gonna hit the fan! And she used to be a princess but Tynessa is finding out just what it's like to be a slave of a slave these days. Slave trainer Gert has been amusing herself breaking the other slave but now her unwanted attentions are Tynessa's alone. And Gert has no limits and no restraint. "Slave Sex Fight" humbles the mighty!

"Jamie Blonde" is doing some of her best work on somebody else's boyfriend as she pretends to still be mind controlled by the forces of evil. But her act is discovered and there's only one way out.. FIGHT! "The Girlfriend Fight" is up in the short story section and the mighty "MAMBA" is back! She can't seem to keep a prisoner for very long but she sure looks good get'n blown up!

Me too!

So sad when it's over >snif<. But it's the LAST WEEK of "All In"! Lucky at love - unlucky at cards? And the "Combat Colosseum" wrapped it up last week so this week we start anew. Perennial favorites Eve & K.C. Cannons return for a rematch! Bras all over the world feel unworthy. Princess Tynessa has watched her fellow captive bear the brunt of Gerts unwanted attention and has seen the humiliating results. But, victory in hand, Gert turns her eye to the buxom royal and now Tynessa will learn the way of the "Slave Sex Fight"!

So a guy washes up on a beach.. Nope - not a bar joke - it's a tribal catfight over who owns him! "Castaway" sets the scene for all-out warfare between the Amazon babes who've NEVER seen a man! "Total War" returns with a brutal semi-final bout between two prior winners and "It Just Happened" illustrates the downside of roommates who don't share everything. At least not their boyfriends...

Me too!

The "Combat Colosseum" wraps up another bout this week as Gummi and Kymberly get in their parting shots! Then the gamblin' girls of "All In" decide to tear each others clothing to shreds and those gigantic udders (all 4!) are quivering with anticipation! Through it all the dealer maintains his professional demeanor. WTF's WRONG with that guy?!

The "Dark Tournament" pits beauty against beauty with a sophisticated blend of glamour and poise... NOT! It's friggin' BRUTAL! And "Pitstop Penny" has a grudge against a competing driver that she FULLY EXPLORES when the racing's done! Should be a disqualification!

Even our top secret agent isn't immune to Valentina's Mind Control! "Jamie Blonde" does whatever she's told to do by the arch-evil bad gal and she's suckin' on a strangers cock just to test the limits! And doin' a damn good job too! The "Slave Sex Fight" photo comic continues as Gert demeans her fellow slave in ways that shouldn't be shown. The poor girl's reduced to a quivering lump of raw desire as Gert enjoys every second of it!

Me too!

Poker - a contact sport? Yup, at least in "All In" where cheaters WILL BE BEATEN (and stripped)! Then Gummi takes charge of the "Catfight Colosseum" as she apparently subdues Kymberly while working herself to an orgasm! Gotta love her..

There's a couple short stories. "Sara Jones" saves the natives from the evil loggers using her newly learned talents and there's a "Hacker Catfight" when rival show up with the same illegal intent. Jenha is devastated by Gerts talented hands and the magic elixir in "Slave Sex Fight". Looking on, the former princess realizes that's she's NEXT! And "Total War" is back with a nasty fight between a couple of titty queens with some well-polished moves!

That's a wrap!

Ya know.. sometimes the pooch is doomed. Last week I really screwed the little bastard in the what's new. Talking about non-existent short stories just like I knew what was going on. Ugh! Well, I'll attempt to get my act wired this week but please bear with me - life's gotten real i n t e r e s t i n g 'cause we're moving! After 13 years in the same place it's time to shake off the old and get a new perspective. But holy shit.. what a job!

My brain's on life support and my body says "NO! No more carrying shit!" still, the deadline's this weekend. But I digress.. Here's this week's lineup - hopefully free of brain-farts.

So this week the "Combat Colosseum" and "ALL IN" are back with fresh clips and "Slave Sex Fight" gets the addition twist of a magic elixir that makes the slaves go wild! "MAMBA" is back doin her "kill 'em all" routine with a never ending stream of biker-goons and "Jamie Blonde" has been re-programed by the evil Valentina into mind-controlled fuck machine! The "Sara Jones" adapts to her new roll as the tribes favorite sperm receptacle!

So my apologies for being a screw-up. And next update is the 1st of Feb. One way or the other.. this moving mess will be history!


Boo-hoo. The princess seems to be broken by her abuse at the hands of her former slave, Gert. But Gert knows that the real humiliation has not even begun. If it was just slaps and insults we wouldn't have called it "Sex Slave Fight"! Gummi and Kym can't keep their hands off each other in the "Combat Colosseum". But every time you think they're gonna make out, somebody jabs with an elbow! And "ALL IN" is back and the action moves from the poker table to the floor! Udders released and tempers long lost - this is gonna be a FIGHT!

There's a new "Total War" episode and as usual, there are some interesting developments as the fight goes along. But no, I didn't see THAT coming. "Sara Jones" graces the short story lineup with the first of a three part series and "Vitamin E-vil" joins it there. She's really HOT but I think I'd pass on this chick!

Believe it or not!

So they're BOTH cheating at cards in "All IN"? Wow. The integrity of that game is appalling! But there's a clash to come and the BIG bets will be bouncing all over. The "Combat Colosseum" gets a little quieter this week. It's tough to scream when your bikini is stuffed down your throat! Short stories are up too. "Underground Catfighters" and "Space Fight". Both are dirty little duels that abstain from any restraints and simply deal out the PAIN!

"Jamie Blonde" is back and arch-fiend Valentina test her new mind control treatment by pitting the agents against each other. But when she has one gal blow the other ones boyfriend things get a little outta hand! Gert shows the former princess just how far she's fallen. She can do anything she wants to the slaves and her depraved imagination is working overtime in "Slave Sex Fight"!

I want Gert's job!

There's a high-stakes backroom poker game goin' on and the last two players at the table Have colossal knockers, winning attitudes and short tempers. Oh yeah, one of them is cheating! Join us for "All In". The "Combat Colosseum" echoes with the insane screams and moans of Kym and Gummi as they test each others mettle. Could the insanity really be a strategy? Lowly slave Gert enjoys being in charge of the disgraced princess and the palace whore. And she's gonna make sure that they both get the maximum humiliation possible in the "Slave Sex Fight". And she can really deliver!

Two excellent short stories join the mix this week. "Mirror Fiends" is an ego clash in the ladies room and "Love in an Elevator" is just as it sounds - at least until the wife shows up! Then "Total War" episode 8 is up with another semi-final bout. Weapons allowed.

Even encouraged!

Great way to see out the old year! There's a bad ass "Combat Colosseum" between Gummi and Kymberly Jane. It's just starting but you can already tell there's not gonna be much discipline with these two - they're nuts! Then "Merry Mayhem" wraps up the behind the scenes look at those bad elves. Bad. BAD ELVES! "Jamie Blonde" finally meets the real Valentina - but she's not all that happy about it. She's kinda "tanked", ya know?

"Mamba" is just get'n the holy shit beat out of her by her (former) prisoner in the back of that police van. Now the bad girl's brother want's in on the act. Maybe that's the break she needs? Then a real holiday treat begins: "Slave Sex Fight" is a tale of age old punishments for the wicked and a test of the royal blood. Gorgeous gals and lots of drama! Then check out the "Swamp Rage" short story and enjoy the splashing!

Best wishes for a terrific 2017!

Merry Christmas! To celebrate the holiday we're posting "Merry Mayhem" with four of the BAD ELVES doing what bad elves do! It's a special food fight meant only for the bold. Fun stuff.. And this week marks the conclusion of the oh-too-creamy "Combat Colosseum" bout between KC and Meri AND the final "Wanda Mitty" Fantasy!

It's a SEMI-FINAL in "Total WAR" and THESE chicks are NOT in a giving mood! Then "Rent Money" and "PTA Kat-Fight" round out the update in the short story section. Off to the mall...

Hopin' Santa got my list..

It's finally time for the payback part of "Payback's a Bitch"! The movie wraps it up with some good 'ol fashioned RAGE now that the instigator has been unmasked! And the KC v Meri "Combat Colosseum" got kinda outta hand this week. SOMEHOW the babes got hold of the referees stash of whipped cream and... well, you know. The whip hit the fan! More big-boob insanity occurs in the "Catfight Garage" where a couple of choice specimens decide that co-existence is NOT an option! Betcha saw that comin'..

"Jamie Blonde" is about to pass out from the tranq but she's NOT gonna let her enemy escape! It's a chin-slam take-down even as everything gets.. so... dark... Whatta woman! "Wanda Mitty" takes charge with a broom and a heart full of hate this week as the stacked step-mom learns the folly of her ways! And a new home always takes a little adjustment - especially when it's in prison! "Prison Life" just shows that some adjustments are harder than others! It's probably just..

Tough Love?

Meri is really trying to fight but she just can't keep her hands off of KC's award-winning BOOBS! I mean.. I have the same issue - but then again.. I'm not trying to win the "Combat Colosseum"! Mona is on a TEAR in "Payback's a Bitch"! And she'll use those colossal knockers to smother the life outta somebody - they're plump, firm and DEADLY! "Wanda Mitty" gets snapped back into the real world as the evil step-mom lays into her but the day-dreaming beauty has an idea (and a broom). Is her fantasy about to merge with reality?

"Total War" starts a new episode with a chick that punches hard and screws harder and one poor fella gets busted with the wrong woman in "Fight Night". But he'll manage the jealousy and emerge the VICTOR! Then a real yuck-yuck is up in "Online School for Pimps". Yes Virginia, you too can learn how to manage your own stable of ho's with our intensive educational course! Higher education?

You betcha!

"MAMBA" is back ! And just when she thinks the bad guys are safely on the way to jail >WHAM< there's an escape! But this cop ain't gonna let that happen. At least - not while she's still alive. "Jamie Blonde" has made a tragic error! She thinks that agent XX-3 is the traitor but as she soon discovers - she was WRONG! K.C. and Meri are slippery as hell with all that whipped cream but that doesn't stop them from having and EPIC battle in the "Combat Colosseum"! It's a "titties and cream" delight!

Then Slid's back with "Big Boob Trailer Park Slap-down 2". It doesn't make any sense until the last page - what DO they see in him? Oh.. now I get it! "Wanda Mitty" has her evil stepmom on the ropes and it's time for some titty punishment! But those are her Dads favorite toys so she better not leave any marks! And "Payback's a Bitch" gets to the PAYBACK part! Dirty tricks have a way on comin' back to you!

Ain't it the truth..

Lookin' forward to Thanksgiving yummies? Well I sure am! Here's some tasty treats to help ease your bloated belly fellas. The "Combat Colosseum" has the drumsticks and giblets on display but it kinda looks like somebody started talkin' politics in the gym. "Payback's a BITCH" covers the nasty tricks and sneaky doin's just like crazy uncle John - but with tits and fists! "Wanda Mitty" has all the family issues in spades and "Big Boob Trailer Park Slapdown" takes care of the family squabble requirement. Then "Perfect Match" has two opponents even better lookin' that your nephews new girlfriend with "Total War" is served up for desert!

Yep.. Sounds like my typical Thanksgiving dinner! 30 people at my house tomorrow.. say a prayer for me!

Go girl GO!

If "Payback's a BITCH" then what's the payback FOR? This week you'll see as the sneaky back-stage dealings turn tangible! And there WILL be payback! The Meri vs KC "Combat Colosseum" heats it up as the girls lock-up.. and STICK! I guess that whipped cream gets kinda sticky, ya know? "Wanda Mitty" enjoys choking the life out of her step-mom but the fun's interrupted by real life. What's a wallflower to do?

"She Spy" wraps up in the short story section and the last episode of "Cowgirls" is up with some shocking bedroom violence. Then "Jamie Blonde" can't seem to figure out if she's in the midst of a den of spies or just walked into a kinky bondage session. Either way there's asses to be kicked and she'll do her duty to kick 'em! So..

Go girl GO!

This week the "Combat Colosseum" begins anew with KC Cannons taking on Meri in a tasty whip cream match. Bring your own strawberries. And "Payback's a BITCH" begins! It's a three way underhanded backstabbing bitchathon as three gals vie for the same gig and stoop to very unladylike behavior to seal the deal. "Wanda Mitty" unleashes her dream revenge on that evil stepmother! Who'da known that such vile behavior could bubble up from within such an angel?

There's a short story up called "She-Spy" and "Total War" number 4 serves up the xeno-mahem as the referee does what he's gotta do to keep some order. 'Least that's what they told me. Then the final chapter of "The Labyrinth" is up! It's a strange non-ending that keeps you wondering. What if? Or maybe WTF?

Happy Veterans day fellas!

The CONCLUSIONS take center stage this week as both the "Combat Colosseum" and "Obsession" wrap it up! There's lotsa hurt feelings and bruised bodies in both! Don't you wish you could "comfort" them? "The Secret Life of Wanda Mitty" begins this week. Poor Wanda.. she's such a sweet heart but her new step mother (Dad's trophy wife) is a ball-bustin-bitch! Too meek to fight back, she only gets her revenge in her dreams. But what dreams she has!

A couple of high-school rivals meet by chance in the local gym and things get ugly fast! Fortunately, a giant dose of oral sex helps them get over the rough spots in "One week until Reunion"! When the local outlaw takes a hostage the sheriff is faced with a no-win situation in "Cowgirls". Her solution works.. but it's pretty tough on the hostage! Then everybody's favorite naked spy "Jamie Blonde" bursts into a sordid scene of torture and abuse to mount a rescue! But it seems there might be a slight misunderstanding..

Uh oh..

MAMBA-BAMBA BABY! From out of nowhere the mighty "Mamba" shows up just in the nick of time! And there's gonna be a lot of explaining to do! But victory requires no explanation as "Room 231" concludes this week with a "small package" hold (small package stuff?)! Also wrappin' it up - the series finale' to "The Labyrinth". And this one apparently does require an explanation. A PAINFUL one!

Gummi just can't keep Cari's snatch out of her face in the "Combat Colosseum"! And she try'n! I'm almost sure.. Then the sicko fan-girl who just won't stop turns the tables in "Obsession"! Methinks drastic action is called for! "Total WAR" #3 is up and this time the other gal is not the main threat. It's those damn BATTLE-BOTS! First things first girls.. kill the bots THEN worry about each other! And beware..

..these bots are EQUIPPED!

Gummi gets a real close look at Cari's undercarriage this week and Cari likes it so much that she helps her out with some "stay right there" hair pulling! This "Combat Colosseum" bout ROCKS! And the wacked-out energizer bimbo just can't be stopped in "Obsession"! It doesn't seem to matter that she's taking a beating - it's her fantasy come true! Christine has Cindi pinned to the floor and Cindi's giant tits take the beating of their jiggly life! But she's not expiring fast enough so Christine goes for the throat! Glad I don't have to clean up the mess in "Room 231"!

"Jamie Blonde" is beaten senseless and elecro-tortured but she's still got some fight! And when her former rival wades in it's time to get some EVENS! Some chicks ya just can't reason with! But the "Cowgirls" sheriff tries.. to no avail. It all comes down to the quick-draw and the winner is whoever is fastest! Then a couple blast-from-the-past "Divas" get into an historic battle that brings them both down to Earth. And one of them probably is gonna stay there.

Beware the "Claw of Death"!

The "Combat Colosseum" bout between Gummi and Cari is sooo damn hot! These gals really know how to put on a show and they're not afraid to use ANYTHING to distract/defeat their opponent. And the creepy stalker girl is a PSYCHO! She takes a hell of a thrashing but still battles to put the lesbo-lip-lock on her "Obsession" - her lusty fantasy girl. That's dedication!

"Total War" is a blast! And when one gal gets blasted into the crowd she gets an emergency injection of vitamin DICK and >WHAM< she's right back in it! "How to Succeed" wraps up the story of the hot office gal standing by while her boss bangs her boyfriend. She settles it. But it's probably not what she expected to happen. The "Labyrinth" gals go from one bad place to another but like the practical gals that they are, they manage to sex it up even now! And I'm not sure that Cindi's elevator goes to the top (nor do I care when she's naked!) BUT.. after she has Christine on the ropes she wastes the advantage by trying to stuff her in a.. a microwave? Like I said.. great body. And that's..

good 'nuff!

"Cowgirls" is back with a good-'ol-fashioned shoot out! The sheriff tries to talk her down but the bad girl ain't havin' none of it. So blam-blam! And Gummi gets a mouth full of Cari's boob as they struggle for dominance. Cari seems to enjoy it in this week's "Combat Colosseum" update! One gals same-sex "Obsession" is gonna cost her if she doesn't wise up. But she's way past all rational thought as her lust for another girl drives her like a moth to the flame.

Everybody HATES the office bully. But so far, nobody will stand up to her so she's on a rampage! Part one of "How to Succeed" is up and it's sure to raise yer hackles! "Jamie Blonde" did everything right but still manages to get captured and tortured by Valeria's vixens! What's a 'lil electroshock between friends anyway? Then "Room 231" turns over again! Just when you think that she's toast, our beauty in white manages to use some kitchen-ware to save herself! But for how long?

How long indeed!

It's an "OBSESSION"! And she's kinda used to it. But when this gorgeous chick is being stalked it's USUALLY a man doin' the stalking. This time it's a crazy gal that wants her - badly - and she don't roll that way! Sparks to follow. The "Combat Colosseum" continues as Gummi and Cari try to psych-out each other and the grapplin' gets real. There's no award for trash-talk so they get to the bone-crunching action! "Total War" begins this week. It's an out-of-this-world bitch v bitch xeno-massacre! And you can break the rules if there ain't none!

Just when you think it's safe to blink.. "Room 231" does a double flip-flop as Cindi and Christine swap the advantage again and again. But somehow it's usually Cindi that takes the worst of it. Up's n downs in "The Labyrinth" too! Once they were enemies but both gals are in the same bowl of worms this week and suffer the same terror. Which turns into gleeful giggles as the tentacles seem to know just what to do. But then there's a surprise and the terror is back! BIGLY! And "MAMBA" is a lesbo-fest! First the cop decides she needs her pussy licked by the biker bitch. Then she turns into an oozing gasm-zombie and loses control of the gun as she nearly passes out from the pleasure. Which (of course) means it's time for HER to do some rug-munchin' at gunpoint! And where's Mambretti? Look behind you!


Gummi takes on Cari in the "Combat Colosseum" this week and if she planned to show the rookie how it's done.. she needs to rethink that plan. THIS rookie knows the ropes! The wild, wild west is back with "Cowgirls 2". You can almost smell the gun smoke and cheap perfume! "Undress Code" wraps it up with a final pulse of violence and lust as the gals seem to reach a compromise - of sorts.

"Jamie Blonde" is on Valentina's "get" list and a couple of her hench-gals bust in to collect her. But they should have looked up! "Room 231" turns a head-butt into a turn-around as "the worm turns". But for how long? And there's another "Trouble Makers" short story. This is a completely one-sided fight. Fortunately, the local police officer intervenes and save some gals ass - for himself!

Type ya next week!

TOO SOON! But no matter how much I whine the "Combat Colosseum" bout between Kristi and Goldie ENDS THIS WEEK. But then again.. we DO get the 2nd strip clip and the shower scene.. And "UNdress Code" resumes with more of the Danny Ryan inspired "Die you bitch, no lick me you bitch" sexy fight from the office gals. They confuse me but I like it! Those two chicks waiting for the same guy in "Room 231" are just not gonna get along. This week pulling hair just doesn't seem to be enough so the CLAWS OF DEATH latch on to some beautiful boobs and CRUSH THEM! (ouch!).

"The Labyrinth" resumes with an escape that didn't really work out so well and a plunge into some aphrodisiac oozing goo that has temporarily postponed any rational thought - like escaping. But under the influence of (whatever it is) the action gets even hotter! Next: a great short story is up called "Trouble Makers" with exceptional artwork by Rom. First she got her crotch stomped and now she's been replaced by her boyfriend - with the same gal who stomped her! Yeah, rough day. Finally, D'praved serves up "Happy Anniversary BITCH!" and you may discern that there's little love lost with this married couple. In fact, he's bringing his girlfriend to kick his wife's ass! Damn..!

That's COLD!

The mini-series "Tabby Frost" concludes this week in the short story section. The experiment is kind of a bust but the side-effects are pretty cool! "Jamie Blonde" gets suspended for fighting but even when she's on leave she's still a target. Goldie and Kristi can't decide who's gonna be on top in the "Combat Colosseum". But from my point of view.. WHO CARES? Either way's okay with me!

"Undress Code" gets a 'fresher too. These gals can't decide if it sex or WAR. So they'll indulge in BOTH. The action has moved to the bed in "Room 231" but that doesn't mean that they're taking a nap. Nope - it's a constant stream of blows and insults! And "Cowgirls" starts this week! Yes Sir.. chicks used to tangle in the old west too! Gunfights settle the score at High Noon!


"MAMBA" is back with a new issue. Last time we saw that she'd directed the biker chicks to another cops home instead of the their intended victims place. And this week that cop takes control of the biker tough gal and makes her her bitch! Unauthorized perversion soon to follow! Then Goldie takes charge in the "Combat Colosseum"! First she delivers a world-class snuggy to Kristi then she stuffs her mouth full of giant boob (and other girl parts)! YUM! "Undress Code" is all punching, kicking and hair pulling - at least until the CLAWING begins!

"Room 231" echoes to the screams of hair pulling too! But then Christine drags Cindi into the bedroom and slams her on the mattress. She's about to find out why! "Tabby Frost" is still under the influence of the evil Ruski sex-ray and passing out sex like a party favor. But somehow she manages to reel it in and now it's time for a showdown with her Russian counterpart! Then with her savage barbarian attacker taken out, our heroin makes to escape only to confront a HUGE hulking male monster that she can't possibly defeat. But an ally steps up just in time and they both go for a quick getaway! Only.. to where? Don't miss "The Labyrinth" - it's a matter of life and death!

Thanks guys,

"Undress Code" lives up to it's name this week as that cute 'lil school girl skirt gets ripped right off. Fortunately, the fine 'lil ass thus revealed makes up for it. But it's still gonna get spanked! Then my eyes are still jiggling from last week but that won't stop a new update of the "Combat Colosseum"! Kristi and Goldie .. GOTTA be the most top-heavy battle EVER! "Room 231" replaces Bike Fight this week. Two gorgeous gals, one motel room and SOMEBODY screwed up. This "misunderstanding" escalates into an existential threat!

"Jamie Blonde" gets into an unsanctioned fight with her in-house rival in the locker room. This kinda behavior is NOT tolerated by the agency so both gals get suspended. But there's an evil plot behind it all and Jamie won't let it go! You just can't swing a dead cat without hitting a spy these days! "Tabby Frost" is an American agent in a secret Russian laboratory. She's investigating rumors that they've developed a machine that renders women insane with lust and rage and soon discovers.. it's TRUE! Part one of three is up. And the FINAL EPISODE of the "Wham Bam Room" is up! Get it while ya can - it'll be retired soon!

Thanks guys,

The "Combat Colosseum" rocks on with Goldie and Kristi in an oil lubed perverto-thon! These gals really can't decide if they're gonna fight or make out. So what they do is the most sexual babe-bashin' ever! The the deadly "Labyrinth" action continues with a lot of sword-dodging before a secret is revealed and a shaky truce ensues. "Midori Sours" is up in the short story section from D'praved and it's joined by "MNOC" from Succubus Nation! FYI: I intended on starting another photo comic this week. Then my main work station ate it's Drive C:.. And you know how that goes! Dammit. Next week! So there's yet another short story called "Thrilla in Vanilla" and the action STARS when the fight ENDS!

And this week out feature video begins: "Undress Code"! Gotta love those short skirts!

Back to rebuilding my 'puter.. again.

In and out! OUT this week is "Bike Fight" and "Garage Sale Grapple" as they both wrap it up in their respective conclusions. But IN is a AMAZING "Combat Colosseum" bout between Goldie and Kristi! There's so much barely restrained booby in this one that you'll be cheering for failed bikini straps! Then D'Praved serves up "Ask Dr. Meadows" in the short story section. Just beware: you may not like her answer!

"Jamie Blonde" gets some well-deserved congratulations on her successful first mission but there's an in-house rivalry shaping up that may make her fellow agents more dangerous to her than the bad girls! And the "Wham Bam Room" continues the underhanded ring antics with some NASTY interaction from the organizers! Just one more Wham-Bam to go so enjoy it now.

See ya next week!

The "Combat Colosseum" comes down to the wire as time runs out and both KC and Eve are exhausted. So which one takes the win? Find out! And check out the shower scene and part two of the strip-off while you're there! Slid serves up the "Librarian" this week. Who'd have thought that all that rage was just waiting inside her to be released? The "Garage Sale Grapple" gets "silly" this week as out comes the silly string to humiliate the fallen one! I sure hope she's planning on paying for that 'cause "you squirt it - you bought it"!

"MAMBA" is back! And it's one step up - two steps back as Mamba gets OWNED by the crooked FBI agent in the back seat of the car but the other criminal gets nabbed and molested by the "good girl"? Man.. you gotta stay up with this one! BattleStar is on a tear in the "Labyrinth"! She just bashes the holy hell out of that barbarian babe but nothing seams to keep her down. And that slinky 'lil blonde from "Bike Fight" puts a foot up KC's ass after she gets smacked. But the big-boob-basher won't let her get away with THAT!

More conflict to come!

Insults, Innuendo and and finally a tweaked nose lead us directly to a "BIKE FIGHT"! It just went to hell when they started touching each other! Then the "Garage Sale Grapple" girls take it to the floor and >rip-shred-rend< OFF come the clothes! Bonus point for "best bubble-butt" to the blonde! And the "Combat Colosseum" is a glistening fantasy land for any boob man. K.C. and Eve are fantasy chicks that don't mind get down and dirty (oily?) for the thrill of victory!

"Jamie Blonde" begs for mercy at her captors feet! But a few pages later their all unconscious and laying at her feet! Make you wonder what ya missed? Check it out! When a fighter that looks like two huge tits mounted on a mini stick girl shows up for battle, her opponents can barely stand unaided because they're laughing so hard. But then the bell rings... and the "Wham Bam Room" erupts! Uh oh - his "jet liner" gets caught in the wrong gals "glide path" and a pilot and his lover come in for a disastrous landing. It's called "Just Some Turbulence" but it's really more like a crash & burn!

Been there..

Ya gotta love the "Combat Colosseum". Where else do you see a referee reach into the ring to confirm a choke hold - and then shrug it off? K.C. and Eve give the jiggle-tit performance of their lives as the crowd drools! And the "Garage Sale Grapple" just got physical! "If she wants it, I want it MORE" just landed somebody on her ass! It's get'n awkward but the camera guy just keeps on recording as personal issues continue to overshadow the photo shoot in "Bike Fight". He's definitely get'n more than he expected outta these two!

"The Labyrinth" returns and so does a dead girl? Yep. She was croaked but now she's back as "Battlestar" and she's hot for revenge on the barbarian babe that keeps killer her! "When Words Don't Matter" - it's in the short story section and just proves that some things are best left unsaid. It features two gals twisted up in a hatred so vile that once they're cut loose.. well.. there can be ONLY ONE! And "Foxy Boxing" wraps up the bout 'tween the sweet young thing and Tars Tarkas' girlfriend! Edgar Rice Burrows has gotta be spinning in his grave!

Barsoom or Bust!

We've shot way over 100 "Combat Colosseum" videos over the years but the current "Eve vs KC" battle has to be one of my top 3 picks. Both gals are such pros and they're sporting bodies that fuel fantasies with every undulation. Shooting this classic clash was 100% pleasure - and actually getting to watch it is even better! Then in the feature video area our "Garage Sale Grapple" is the essence of catfighting. A dress is all the plot device required to set things up for two beauties to shred each other (and the dress) as the throw a pissy-fit and behave very badly. And bad behavior (esp. the naked kind!) is what we're all about!

The "Bike Fight" photo story gets downright nasty as the models start picking on each others "big saggy boobs" - (or lack of). The tension twists ever tighter as we lead up to inevitable.. >WHAM<! Then a short story about a guy that shoulda got a room is up called "Cleaning out the Garage" and it's a "great time shot to hell" kinda tale. Then a caffeine induced whig-out is center stage in "The Wham Bam Room". Cream or sugar?

l'll take mine black.

Step into "The Labyrinth"! Basta's 10-part underworld epic begins this week. Barbarians, spacegirls, and girls-next-door - all in combat to the death... and even after! K.C. and Eve jiggle and bounce into the "Combat Colosseum" again and the "Garage Sale Grapple" delivers and eyeful to the man behind the desk as not one but two nasty babes peruse his wares.

"Foxy Boxing" tosses all the rules and sets up an outta this world bout where one-on-one doesn't really tell the story. Not when one has four arms! And great lookin' eye candy abounds in "Bike Fight"! Two borrowed models.. all they had to do was smile and look pretty next to the show bike. What could go wrong? And it's a conspiracy to convert a lesbian in "Playing for the Other Team"! Not so sure about the strategy but the action's first rate!

And that's what counts!!

So it's the bloody end of the "Haunted Hazing"! But a double murder won't spoil the fun - not for the resident spook who just gained a couple of naked companions! The "Combat Colosseum" jiggles on with Eve and K.C. driving those titanic tits of theirs into each other. "Stacked" doesn't even BEGIN to describe these two (these four?)! And it's just a "Garage Sale" right? Nope.. it's an excuse for two gorgeous gals to rip it up while a perverted peddler enjoys the show!

D'praved presents "Good Time Ally" and this fight needs some organization! "Meet me in an hour" turns into a no-holds-barred catfight with a happy ending! "Jamie Blonde" is tired of screw'n around! If she needs to jam a robot up someones ass in order to get the mission done.. then SO BE IT! And the "Wham Bam Room" is a massacre! It was supposed to be a tag-team bout but one of the fighters was late. And her teammate paid the HEAVY PRICE!

Happy Independence Day USA!

An OUTSTANDING "Combat Colosseum" begins today! K.C. Cannons takes on Eve in a HUGE BOOB BLOW-OUT! Two of my favorite fighters and the scenery is pendulously, quiveringly, undulatingly & enormously AMAZING! "Foot in the Door" wraps up the hard-sell this week. Great action - but I seriously doubt that a sale was made! The "Haunted Hazing" gals are staggering. They're both in pain and that ghostly enabler just handed one of them a knife! Termination next week!

"Foxy Boxing" concludes a nasty fight with a nastier finish! The winner gets real "hands on" (hands in?) with the loser! Then "Native Ambush" takes us back to the old west where lovely "Injun babes" run down a cowgirl and give her a lesson in aboriginal etiquette! And it's "suckus interruptous" in the parking lot when a friendly 'lil blowjob gets derailed by THAT WOMAN that he was trying to get away from. It's a "Parking Lot Rumble" that all three will always remember!

Eve & KC... the stuff that dreams are made of!

Stick a fork in her - she's DONE! But which she is it? Find out in this week's CONCLUSION of the "Combat Colosseum"! And don't forget to check out the shower clip too. Even as they bungle the double teaming those persistent sales gals still think that they're gonna close the deal in "Foot in the Door". Maybe so. Probably not. The gals in the "Haunted Hazing" have taken it to the floor (one of them face first!). There's little room to move and not much time left to fight so they're clawing and scratching like their lives depend on it. And of course, they do!

The "Wham Bam Room" has never been known for it's fairness and this week is no exception. Way over-matched, one fighter gets the most sorry treatment yet to be dished out. And nobody can stop it! When "An Afternoon at the Golf Course" turns into a private sex lesson from the "Pro" everybody's having a good time. But then SHE shows up! Our favorite sex spy "Jamie Blonde" just can't shake that incessant "do-goodery" habit! Even after they've tortured her she still tries to save her captors from the anally obsessed "torture-bot"! But the bad girl suspects a trick and doesn't believe her. So.. "Pop" goes the weasel!

That's really gotta sting!

Nadia and Jenna keep you guessing in the "Combat Colosseum". This match is so back-n-forth that it'll be a real surprise to catch the finish next week! And the HARD SELL must work, huh? I mean.. otherwise what's the point in the two whore-door sales gals beating up the client in "Foot in the Door"? I mean besides the fact that it's way cool to watch! New round of "Foxy Boxing" begins! Two over-stacked babes with intent to do bodily harm.. what could go wrong?

The pledges of "Haunted Hazing" are doomed! First the spook hands one a wrench and now the "wrenchee" gets handed a glass vase to conk her rival right back! They're caught in his trap and the only way out is.. Huh. I guess there's no way out! The conclusion of Smudges "Fantasy Fighting Federation" is up! You know that old saying about it'll "stretch a mile before it tears an inch"? Well we're gonna test it! And rounding out the update comes "Band Fight" from D'praved. There's only room for one gal in the rock band but there's two gals. So.. what to do?

Like you didn't know!

The "Fantasy Fighting Federation" is up from the mighty Smudge this week! Part one of two (concluded next week) introduces you to the back-stage machinations of the female fighting elite! Jenna turns up the heat but ends up a sodden mess as she tries to turn things around in her "Combat Colosseum" match against Nadia. But she's the friggin' Energizer Bunny so don't count her out! Those sales gals in "A Foot in the Door" are CRAZY! Not sure how stripping and molesting a potential client helps the bottom line but then again.. as long as they're naked and tearing into each other.. who cares?

Demonic intervention begins in the "Haunted Hazing"! Suddenly there's a wrench in her hand. She has no idea how it got there. But she'll smash the brunettes head with it! "Jamie Blonde" actually attempts to help arch-enemy Valentina extract the torture-bot from her ass but every move just makes it worse! There's a moral in there.. somewhere! The meek inherit the ring in the "Wham Bam Room" this week. She may look like a squeak but once she's aroused she'll break your bones just to munch that rug! Yowzer..!

The world needs more chicks like that!

So a couple of door-to-door sales gals have had a really crappy day when they get to a small office. The gal inside is trying to work and doesn't care to be sold anything. And in our world that's enough to spark a completely over-the-top 3 gal Catfight that we call "A foot in the Door". Shoulda called it "A Foot up yer Ass"! The "Combat Colosseum" slips and slides it's way into baby oil bliss as Jenna and Nadia grapple in the rubber ring. Jenna's taking the worst of it so far but all it takes is one little slip-up to change EVERYTHING. Then a nasty ghost should be get'n off on "Haunted Hazing" this week. Both gals have fallen for his evil inciting and a punch to the face is answered by a face plant into the wall! It gets NASTY from here on in!

"MAMBA" returns and she's get'n some drastic OVERSTUFFING from the biker chick and that sicko FBI rogue. But after all she's been through a dildo plunging criminal can make her give away the location of her witness? Huh? Methinks there's more twists in this story. "Foxy Boxing" wraps up the "Minax vs Maiko" bout this week. Pick your winner - and prepare to be WRONG! So very, very wrong! When a passing grade is on the line these co-eds will do whatever it takes to get the Professors blessing. But they should have made an appointment (and he shoulda closed his door). Pass/fail takes on a brutal new meaning in Slid's "Classroom Calamity"!

Our specialty!

Short but sweet. "Corporate Ladder" wraps it up this week. The names change but the promotion remains the same - and the boss is happy! Nadia pushes it a bit too far with Jenna in this weeks "Combat Colosseum" clip. She goes for the choke-out but just manages to infuriate her foe instead. The "Haunted Hazing" gals get a little jump-start on their fight when a not-so-friendly ghost provokes each of them with unseen abuse! And now it's ON.

"The Girlfriend Fight" pops up in the short story section this week. Some guys will do ANYTHING for some head! (Raise your hands..). "Jamie Blonde" is taken to the torture chamber but gets some delicious rug-munching to begin her interrogation. Just when she starts thinking that this won't be so bad the co-torturer - a mechanical monster - pops out and puts that notion to rest! But the Blonde's got one desperate play left. And if beating helpless prisoners to a pulp is really therapy then there's sure to be a wave of relaxation all over the "Wham Bam Room" this week!

Our specialty!

Nadia takes on Jenna in a "Combat Colosseum" bout that's electric! The trash talking hints at what's coming up and the real action is just a whistle away! Then the whistle blows.. With Dakotah sidelined, Tanya deals with the boss one-on-one in "Corporate Ladder". And by "deal" we mean she goes down on her for a raise! But Dakotah's not quite finished. D'praved serves up more senseless violence as "Camera Hussies" concludes in the short story area. What a beating!

"Foxy Boxing" starts a new bout with Maiko vs Minax. They're both outsiders and there's no reason to favor one over the other (except for the old school rule of thumb.. "All else being equal, choose the one with the bigger boobs") so pick your champion. The "Haunted Hazing" bimbos are putting on a show for "the guys". But the guys (frat boys) are not the ones messing with them. And the spook that IS just got in on the action! Then "Thunder Woman vs Uber Girl" is a powerful battle between a couple of super heroins. Uncharacteristically, it's gonna end with a Whimper AND a bang!

Our specialty!

The "Combat Colosseum" wraps it up this week and It's hard to see how Gummi can be stopped. And we're starting "Corporate Ladder" with my all-time-fav Dakotah Summers and Tanya Danielle. Mistress Karin puts in an appearance as "the BOSS lady" that makes them shiver! The Ditsy chicks in "Haunted Hazing" think that the frat boys are messing with them. So they decide to put on a show! Sadly for them.. it ain't the frat boys!

D'Praved serves up part one of "Camera Hussies" and there's a kick-ass battle goin' on in "Yin vs Yang" from A.B. Lust. Then "Jamie Blonde" get the lash and uses it! Her cowgirl opponent isn't too bright but somehow manages to get the better of Jamie. But it's a low blow indeed!

Our specialty!

She's at it again! The "Cat Burglar" returns for a re-match with her arch-enemy from law enforcement. And this time she's REALLY gonna humiliate her foe! "Foxy Boxing" rings another bell as the Vectra vs Manika bout comes to a final collision. May the kinkiest gal win.(?) The "clueless "Haunted Hazing" gals decide to "play Ouija" with the fun board game that they found in an otherwise empty house. If there's a bad decision to be made - these are yer gals!

MAMBA MIA! Oh man. Maybe she's tough as nails and built like a wet dream but can she really resist the talented tongue of a rogue FBI agent, the "best rug-muncher" available? And as the biker chick turns to her "tool box" we can see what's next - and it ain't an apology! "Mamba" is back with a dyked-out episode that'll make you root for the bad girls! But then again.. perhaps Mamba can prove that she can really take a lickin'?! The "Combat Colosseum" glistens with shiny globes of female flesh but it's served up in flashes as the Gummi and Cassandra get serious in the quest for dominance! At least I think they're serious - can't really tell with Gummi. Then it's the conclusion of "Demented Divas" and there's no room for confusion in this one. Somebody wins and somebody REALLY loses it!

As it should be!

Gummi thinks she can bitch her way to victory in the "Combat Colosseum" but Cassandra has a different idea. I like Cassandra's better! The "Demented Divas" take it up a notch with some serious choke-out attempts but that gal just keeps screaming! The "Haunted Hazing" plebs know that something ain't right but they just can't find it. Yet! But they will..

She's nabbed red-handed but the "Cat Burglar Slapdown" doesn't end with an arrest - just public humiliation! "Jamie Blonde<" manages to get her foes fighting each other and makes a break for it. But there's a new sheriff in them thar hallways and she's not letting anybody escape. Then the dark side (even darker) of the "Wham Bam Room" gets the spot light as the dirty dealings sink to new lows. And that's a helluva sink!

Evil deeds, pure and simple.

It must be the drinkin' water. ALL the chicks have gone crazy this week! The "Combat Colosseum" match 'tween Gummi and Cassandra is bitchy-mean and they really enjoy tearing each others clothes off (not as much as I do watching it!). And the "Demented Divas" live up to their billing too. These two are risking life, limb (and hair) in this kitchen floor scuffle like there really was a reason to go for the kill. And when those woppin' tits spill out they just become targets! The "Haunted Hazing" gals are exploring their new digs when they sense that they're "not alone". Wonder what they'll find? Not that most sorority gals are the sharpest tools in the shed anyway but these two are especially dim-witted.

Gotta couple of "exotic' babes in "Foxy Boxing" this week. Manicka takes on Vextra in an eye-candy lovers dream bout. Part one of two is up. Then a couple of short stories round things out. "Repentance" should be called "Indulgence" as one crazy babe just beats the livin' hell out of another - just for fun! Then "Ren Times Slapdown" takes us out to the Renaissance fair where EVERYTHING is over-priced - but the side-show makes up for it! And then some!

Sweet. Crazy but oh-so-sweet!

It's a slippery-slithery week! Not only are Gummi and Cassandra sliding each others clothes off in the "Combat Colosseum" but there's a "Baby Oil Classic" short story. Gotta love that shine! The "Demented Divas" mix it up with hair pulling and some great clothes shredding this week and the way to do it gals!

Dirty dealing is the in "Wham Bam Room" but this weeks episode really lowers the bar. Fairness? HA! Ass-slappin' gets a little out of hand as the ditzy babes of "Haunted Hazing" do exactly what they're told. I like their attitude! And just when you think "Jamie Blonde" is just a pair of boobs she up'n does something BRILLIANT! Like how she turned the tables on the bad-gals this week. Completely..


Cassandra and Gummi are wasting no time getting into the brutal part of the "Combat Colosseum" action. Neither one seems to have much respect for the rules of the game. But luckily we're pretty tolerant (as long as it get's 'em naked faster!). This week "Demented Divas" begins and it doesn't take long to get to the show-down. These gals were primed and loaded - all it took was a "micro-aggression" to get the party started! Violence begets violence ya know. Then that "Foxy Boxing" bout between the godless-like platinum blondes comes to a head with a KNOCK-OUT finish. But who knocked out who?

"MAMBA" is back! The tough as nails but oh-so-fuckable police detective has plenty to worry about this week as the biker chick gets an assist from the rogue FBI agent. Laid out spread-eagle and bound, Mambretti is about to take a tongue lashing from the FBI that she'll never forget! They have ways to make her talk... Those two sorority wannabes are desperate enough to strip each other and smack ass to get past this embarrassing test of will. But they really have no idea what's in store for them in "Haunted Hazing" - or they'd run away screaming! Then a purely innocent "employee moral meeting" gets busted by the boss and she's not buying any excuses. "The Meeting Room" turns into The BEATING ROOM in a flash!

And an apology. Due to circumstances entirely within my control - I screwed up getting this update posted last night. I'm utterly unable to cast the blame on others (wish I could..) - I just had a total brain fart and wasn't prepared. Sorry about that. I'll re-double my efforts not to be stupid. Again.


They'll do ANYTHING to get into the sorority! But do the girls in "Haunted Hazing" realize that that means one of them has to die? Gummi takes on Cassandra in this week's "Combat Colosseum"! This bout starts off fast and gets right down to the dirty work faster than you can say you can say "bouncing titties". Super-spy "Jamie Blonde" takes some nipple electro-torture as the bad-girls try to dig out her secrets but now.. she's all charged up!

Boobies on the Bounty this week as Slid presents "Tonya Freebooter". Slash 'n burn baby! An epic confrontation unfolds in the "Wham Bam Room" as opposing factions send in their best fighters. And it's the CONCLUSION of "Worn out Welcome"! Somebody is gonna have to find a new place to crash!

'Least it's not me this time.

It's a WRAP! The "Combat Colosseum" finishes up the Slippery shenanigans between Eve & Kristi in an amazing conclusion. Who won? ( I'll tell you..). And in other news.. "Worn Out Welcome" screams along as Jewell just pummels her unwanted guest. But there's plenty of back-pummelling! "Pop Stars Pop" rolls in with special coverage of a couple pop divas and their ongoing sex rivalry and "TRIBE" shows up with some tips on appeasing the natives.

"Foxy Boxing" serves up a new one with a couple of out of this world platinum blondes that both want to be the victor and "On the Job" chronicles the life of a sneaky investigator (and how it's PRETTY NICE!) involved in some sexual harassment litigation. He sure "gets the goods" on 'em!

'Till next week!

It's the electrifying CONCLUSION of "High Voltage"! Sometimes a crazy blonde just can't be stopped! The "Combat Colosseum" is equally unstoppable (except for those "re-oil" breaks)! Eve and Kristi bust out the BIG GUNS and go tit-to-tit in a high-energy blur of big bouncing boobies! These two or so.. GORGEOUS. "Worn Out Welcome" is no less energetic as Jewell Marceau defends her nest against an overstaying guest. Hot bodies collide as they try to take each other out in a floor-bound squirm-fest!

"Wham Bam Room" fans get a little prologue as the undercover fighter reports to the boss and Slid takes us inside another mansion as the "Lady of Money" finds her maid stealing the family jewels in "Hammering the Help"! Then "Jamie Blonde" manages to get her shapely ass kicked when she meets an opposition agent at the very beginning of her mission. Maybe her strategy was to be captured and taken to their hidden lair? Or maybe she just met her match!

Lotsa dirty fun!

Kristi has her back against the wall as Eve continues to serve up the pain in the "Combat Colosseum". Kristi's got the advantage of reach and height but Eve's just a force of nature! "Worn Out Welcome" continues and the floor-fight gets REAL PERSONAL this week as the clothes come off and the nails dig in! Speaking of nails.. The gal with the claws is about to make a fatal mistake in "Perils of the Cave". She just couldn't leave well enough alone!

"Foxy Boxing" wraps up Janine vs the Hood with some vicious blows that have NOTHING to do with boxing! Where's the ref? Maybe a knee to the face will slow down the "High Voltage" challenger? Or maybe it'll just provoke her into tossing the crazy blonde on the electrified wire! Either way, it's a sizzler! After beating up the maid for bangin' the pool boy, how can there be "Another Rich Bitch Incident"? Well, believe it or not - the maid wants him BACK!

Where can I get that job?

"Jamie Blonde: Agent XX7" is up with issue #1 today. Jamie's the one-gal army that you WISH would come rescue you! Then again.. the bad gals could have their way with you a little first? Just to be fair? "Worn Out Welcome" gets down to the shredding of the clothes as roomies collide! Does she stay or does she go? And the luscious curves of the "Combat Colosseum" giggle in celebration as "Eve vs Kristy" takes the ass-slappin' low road to victory. These gals could make washing dishes look sexy!

"High Voltage" gets a double-zap of face abuse as the contestants jockey for an advantage. The new gal better watch out.. that blonde has those CRAZY eyes - you can tell there's "unstable" in her DNA! I think she actually gets off on the voltage! The "Wham Bam Room" presents another episode of dirty dealings and betrayal but this one actually has some excellent and reasonably fair fighting! Well, at first.. Then slippey Slid presents two more over-boobed (Yeah - like that's even possible!) foes as the "Rich Bitch Incident" rocks the ritzy neighborhood. Upscale shenanigans from the uptight debutant!

or is that "up-skirt"?

What do you do when a "friend" overstays their welcome? Well when Jewell Marceau gets tired of Viviana Hughes it's a "get the fuck out!" fistfight. Check out "Worn Out Welcome"! The only thing they have in common is huge tits but Eve and Kristy sure like touching each other in the "Combat Colosseum". But when the bitch-talk is done they're both SERIOUS about winning. "Foxy Boxing" gets kinky this week with a masked boxer that LOVES her latex! Her opponent things it feels good on her knuckles too!

The new gal gets a taste of "High Voltage" when she lets her aggression overcome her balance. C'mon, somebody told her not to touch the wires, right? Hollywood legends duke it out in the make-up room in this week's "ICONS" short story and Briaeros serves up a fresh "MAMBA"! It's a knock-down drag-out fight with the biker babe and her chain. That's gonna leave a mark!

Let's start this fight.

Hard body alert! Kristi takes on Eve in a "Combat Colosseum" oil bout! Super hotties get down to some dirty fighting and they know how to please the crowd - 100% yummy! There's a short story called "Bikini Bust" up from D'praved (bad cop/worse cop) and "Front Row Seats" details "suckusinterruptus" or what happens when the wife meets the girlfriend.

"Medical Mayhem" wraps it up dramatically this week! Hard to tell if the nurse or the patient is getting the worst of the exchange. But then >WHAM< it's over! "High Voltage" get a re-charge as one body get's drug out and a fresh contestant enters the elecro-ring. Then a bad day gets a lot worse for one fighter in the "Wham Bam Room" as she gets double-teamed (in all possible meanings) by a couple of despicable fighters!

And so it goes..

So what's that funny smell? Singed fighter! "High Voltage" definitely has a winner this week. But she's not out of the woods yet. That was just her FIRST opponent! (Shoulda read the fine print.) Then "Foxy Boxing" resumes with the conclusion of Nadine vs Ariel - and it's a real choker. Like crushed windpipe choker! The short story section has "Conquered", a savage 3D duel between a couple real head cases and "Making Friends is such a Bitch!" where jealous girlfriends ass-woopin' turns into a three-way thrill!

The "Combat Colosseum" gets a big finish this week and "Medical Mayhem" is chock-full of fantastic racks bouncing of walls (and tables, and the floor). So much eyecandy...!

Happy belated groundhog day!

The "Combat Colosseum" leads off with Vixen and Natalie trading titty knocks and scream-squeezes - then they hit the ground! Slim and stacked, covered in glistening baby oil and awaiting your perusal! Then battle is joined between the cranky nurse and the injured innocent in "Medical Mayhem". Taking her BP with the cuff on her neck kinda set the tone, ya know? "Give to Caesar.." is up in the short story section. Sure, he was a nasty dictator who's word meant nothing.. but the man knew how to entertain! And the chicks just fell inline..

Slid shows his age with "Beatnik Chick vs 60's Housewife" but you gotta love it! Anybody remember "Doby Gillis"? (beside me?) Nope? Well, beatniks were kinda proto-hippies and some of them apparently hold grudges! "High Voltage" is truly cringe-worthy this week as a foot holds a face to the electro-grid! Somebody has learned that the current makes her tingle in-all-the-right-places! And there's some serious payback in this week's "Wham Bam Room". It's true - smoking can KILL you! Especially when grabbing a smoke leaves you vulnerable to a vicious ambush..

She shoulda e-cig'd!

"MAMBA" is back! And after getting raped by a biker gang (and then taking them out) she's up against a REAL opponent now. The gangs sgt at arms is a bruising biker babe and if this was a video game we would have just hit the "BOSS" level! All oiled up and nowhere to go? Then might as well FIGHT! That's the "Combat Colosseum" philosophy that Vixen and Natalie have sworn to uphold. Then there's a "Foxy Boxing" match in the mix. It's okay for ladies to disagree, right? Violently?

D'praved serves up "The Internet Revolution" with a bunch of bimbos lookin' to kick some ass and make some quick cash. But they're basically documenting a CRIME! Talk about a HOT piece of ass... Toni's pants caught fire from her "High Voltage" encounter. But when her foes giggles out loud it's officially "Clobbering time"! Then while she might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, our injured innocent IS smart enough to figure out that a thorough breast exam is not REALLY required for her injury. Pity, 'cause now there's gonna be a real emergency in "Medical Mayhem"!

I'd have checked too! (I'm cautious that way.)

Natalie Minx takes on Vixen in this "Combat Colosseum" classic! Two better, more evenly matched gals we've never had. It's a nasty, personal fight that's just a joy to observe (and a relief not be in!). Erika Steele strips it all off for the "Doctor" in "Medical Mayhem" but I'm not so sure that she's going to follow his treatment plan. Maybe with a little help from the nurse? "Cassie Campbell" finally unglues her mouth from the bad-gals crotch long enough to toss bimbos asunder - and possibly doom her lover?

"Love in an Elevator" is slammin' heads in the short story section (he shoulda locked the door) and The "Wham Bam Room" features a couple of fights - one IN and one OUT of the ring! Then reality finally BITES in "High Voltage". These gals should have paid more attention in science class. Steel chain is a CONDUCTOR! Duhh... Electrical shocks make their nipples hard?

Filing that away for future use!

Erika Steele and K.C. Cannons star in "Medical Mayhem" and you couldn't ask for two more beautiful gals! One's injured in an accident but the other thinks her pain's just starting! And this is PRE-Obamacare! The "Combat Colosseum" wraps it up with the sweet taste of REVENGE! Make that hussy SCREAM! Then a couple of accounting gals get a little stressed out in the office in "Debits = Credits OR DIE!" and there's a WILD fight called "Bunny vs Kitty" for you animal lovers.

The mother-of-all titty twisters is being applied in "High Voltage" as a head butt, uppercut follow up, This is why some gals stop fighting! And it's light against dark in a high-contrast "Foxy Boxing" bout!

Still writing 2015 on checks..

Those rotten Elves are gonna be in deep shit when Santa gets back! "Elves Gone Bad" concludes this week and there WILL be hell to pay. "Babes in Cages: The Love Wand" is up from Slid. Prison Guard starts a riot in the ladies shower and the girls are lovin it! The "Combat Colosseum" is an ass-smackers delight! Mona really knows how to sting those buns!

"High Voltage" has a couple of wardrobe malfunctions this week. Really. I mean it's not like we WANTED them to fight with their tits out, right? And can "Cassie Campbell" REALLY be humbled? Even in a dream? Seems unlikely but that's where she is this week! Then the "Wham Bam Room" serves up another horribly unfair battle to get your new year started out right!

Until next yer.. THANKS!

So it's Christmas already? Wow.. Seems like it was just Halloween a few days ago! But hey.. we got the spirit! This week's movie is "Elves Gone Bad" and it's definitely a holiday roast! The "Combat Colosseum" serves up more of our Mona/Starburst rematch and "High Voltage" is all about the exchange of gifts (like uppercuts and face kicks). There's another "Foxy Boxing" match and the conclusion of D'praved's "Cheerleader Moms" epic MILF battle! But wait just a minute! The BEST holiday gift is what "Mamba" is giving the biker gang - 'least up to the last page or so. You wouldn't want what she gives 'em then!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good.. fight?

"Underground Catfight League" concludes this week! And victory goes to she with the best tongue! Tip: If you're gonna fight in an electrified ring, try not to forget about the live wires! Check out "High Voltage" to see what I mean. SHOCKING! The "Combat Colosseum" bout is all about the oil (and what happens to semi-see-through lingerer when it's soaked in it). It really does bring out their best!

Spies and damn spies! "Cassie Campbell" gets the treatment from an evil agent and when she tries to dope her out it goes horribly wrong. She should have just said "no" to drugs! This week's "Wham Bam Room" fight doesn't even make it into the ring. A hallway encounter turns nasty then violent and then.. and then it gets real personal-like! And D'praved's "Cheerleader Moms" battle on as the breasts heave and the blood slowly oozes. MILFs on the RAMPAGE!

Better get shopping!

Blood.. BOILING. I'm so ashamed. How - HOW could my CatfightCentral gals LOSE? The investigation is just beginning but if (and when) we discover who was on the take we will DESTROY THEM! But if we can't win in some potato smashing tag-team bout that we damn-sure better win the REMATCH! Mona has been given notice - HUMILIATE Starburst (that evil Pussy Fever mag gal) or forever hang your tits in shame! So there's a lot at stake in this "Combat Colosseum" bout - life depends on it! (hers). Sorry - it's upsetting. Less emotionally, let me tell ya that the "Underground Catfight League" IS proceeding according to plan. At least if the plan is to go right up to the last minute with no real decision whether to beat each other up - or beat each other up AND have sex! Hot 'n steamy!

We're starting a three episode EPIC battle between a couple big-boob no-brain Soccer moms who have been waiting for this showdown since High school. "The Battle of the Cheerleader Moms" is petty, nasty and PERSONAL. And the blood will flow! "Foxy Boxing" wraps up another bout with an out-of-control 3-way disaster that is totally nuts. Rules? Not around here man! "High Voltage" is back with a nasty chain burn and some "wish I had thought that through" moments. But a lack of foresight can be overlooked this early on. Just don't touch the chicken wire! Closing out the update is "Betrayal". Sometimes imminent disaster gets the old brain workin' a warp-speed. And if you're REALLY lucky you come out of it smellin' like a rose! Wish that had worked for me >sigh<.

I can always hope.

Out with a BANG! The "Combat Colosseum" tag-team bout ENDS today! And it'll be gone next week so last chance to soak up some INSANE action in the mashed potatoes! Even the referees get drug through the spuds as the whole match collapses into buttery chaos! It's complete lunacy but SO MUCH FUN. Then the "Underground Catfight League" rolls on with a confusing battle in the burbs. These gals can't decide if they're fighting or having sex or some combination of BOTH! Either way, it's HOT HOT HOT!

Man.. it's get'n to the point that a fella can't get a blowjob in the parking lot without somebody get'n all bent! But then again - the outside fights are always a crowd pleaser. So be prepared for some ups n downs as "Parking Lot Rumble" shakes up the neighborhood. "Cassie Campbell" takes a supporting role in this week's episode. The focus is all on her boyfriends hot dreams and Cassie seems a bit confused. But when she catches on there will be hell to pay! Big business moves in on the "Wham Bam Room" this week and the stakes just went higher. That won't help the pony-tailed blonde avoid a severe drubbing but it does make for an interesting side-story. And the "High Voltage" photo comic gets down to the first collision as dirty moves and arrogant attitudes send two gorgeous babes into a frenzy of one-upmanship! They both think they'll win. Sorry gals..

There can be only one!.

"MAMBA".. oh boy! The tough-as-nails detective has proved that she can handle the bad-guys many times over. But this week she proves that she can handle giant bad-guy cock with equal competence as she deepthroats and screws the entire gang - two at a time! You know there's gonna be hell to pay somewhere down the line but I gotta tell ya - it's a great time to be a bad-guy in THIS story! Enjoy it boys.. payback's a comin'. "Foxy Boxing" has two polar opposites in the ring. There's no room for compromise and the fight gets "down and dirty" right off the bat. The blonde may just be the best looking gal so far but that won't make her the winner unless she EARNS it!

Gummi takes things "in hand" (you'll see) in this episode of "Underground Catfight League" and we'll find out if some finger work does the job that her tongue already started. Lookin' good so far! The "Combat Colosseum" is spuds and gravy splattering all over tits and ass! man... just in time for the Thanksgiving FEAST! Pass the butter.. Slid's up with "Karate Katz" about two babes and a bozo in the dojo and "High Voltage" is back with some dire warnings for the fighters! Strip 'em and zap 'em senseless I says!

How can you lose?
Happy Thanksgiving fellas.

"Deathtrap One - High Voltage" is the photo comic this week! Strap down tight 'cause this is one of the best! Then a master of the "Wham Bam Room" shows a rookie the ropes - and a WHOLE lot more! The "Underground Catfight League" gets WAY outta bounds when Gummi gives her opponent the dreaded PUSSY CLAW OF DEATH! This could be a submission! Then there's no submission - no thought of it in the "Catfight Central Combat Colosseum"! Even the referees get abused in this 4-gal tag-team match!

"Cassie Campbell" comes to "an agreement" to end her 2 on 1 fight this week and Slid serves up "Gym Kats" with a couple of muscle-babes that will do anything for dominance. But there can't be two winners... just one & the loser is..

munchin' rug!

Helluva fight going on in the "Combat Colosseum"! 4 outta control gals and several hundred pounds of mashed potatoes, butter & gravy. What could possibly go wrong? Elsewhere, Gummi is taking more punishment then she's dishing out in "Underground Catfight League" this week. Could be she's getting tired or maybe she's just testing her foe? We'll see.

Then it's the bloody end of "Kidnapped" and die, die, EVERYBODY DIES! Well, almost. But they sure leave some good lookin' corpses! "Champagne Dreams" is up from Donny in the short story section - jealousy overcomes common sense in a nasty confrontation! Kimi takes on Nariko in an all-asian "Foxy Boxing" bout. This one's particularly vicious and the gals are dreams! And there's a short story called "Society in Decay" from D'praved about a brainless hunk and two angry women. Though he's not in the fight, the guy is the one who wins!

I'm ok with that.

I love Gummi. I mean there's been scores of models that we've shot over the years and most have been terrific people but Gummi just gives 110% every time. Like in "Underground Catfight League" where she's just trashing the cute French brunette and making the whole damn scene soooo hot! Never one to shy away from a nip on the crotch or a twisted titty, she's just nasty enough to dominate and gorgeous enough to get away with it! My kinda gal! Not to take anything away from the "Combat Colosseum" gals! All four of them are coated head to tail in spuds and butter and they continue to try to destroy the other team! Those "Pussy Fever magazine" gals are kickin' our teams ass this week but it's just a temporary thing. I'm sure. I'm almost sure.. Right?

"Grocery Boy Smack-down" is up in the short story section from the mighty Slid. He delivers to the wrong door and just when it's looking good the lady who ordered his "services" shows up. To the winner go the spoils! "Cassie Campbell" gets home to find her boyfriend bangin' TWO hot babes in the tub and she's NOT amused. They try to slink away but Cassie declares that NOBODY leaves until she get off! And she gets off by beating their asses! And in a stunning role-reversal the hostage has the gun and the other gals are commanded to strip and duke it out! You just can't predict who's in charge from one week to the next in our "Kidnapped!" photo comic. And you already know that the "rules" in the "Wham Bam Room" are just talking points - but this week delivers a new low. One contestant brings her trained attack dog into the ring and "Poogie" has a thing for nipples!

That's gotta sting.

Wow! We're see'n a side of bad-ass "Mamba" that we've NEVER seen before! And she's just as good at sucking dick as she is at killing bad guys! Not to be missed!! Then Prison administration gets tense sometimes and the gals just have to "work it out". And one lucky guy gets a dream day in "Prison Office Wars". And are you watching this "Combat Colosseum" match? The Pussy Fever gals are cheats! But that's okay.. they'll get theirs. We cheat better!

"Foxy Boxing" is back again with a new fight. Siri takes on Kilee in breathless rush to victory! The new boss Nancy is not the forgiving type in "Kidnapped" and somebody is gonna get tortured for wrongs that occurred back in grade school! Hell hath no fury..etc. And when you're up for some serious slammin' you'll want to tune in to the "Underground Catfight League". The nasty, personal battle there has all the makings of a crime scene. There's a reason it's "underground"!


The trash talk is done and it's ON in the "Catfight Central Combat Colosseum"! Mona attacks to defend our honor before that Pussy fever girl can even blink! No prisoners! And "No Boundaries" either when Gummi goes ape-shit in the Underground Catfight League! Crazy video battles and drop-dead gorgeous gals!

His personal trainer is more than willing to give him what his wife won't. And when the wife walks in she gets some training too! "Ebony & Ivory" - in the shorty story section. Then there's a new boss and an unexpected twist in "Kidnapped" this week. There won't be a ransom 'cause hubby doesn't care if they kill his wife. Saves him the trouble! The "Wham Bam Room" goes too far! Drugged and double-teamed, a terrific fighter gets her ass handed to her by a couple of sickos. But this goes over the line and there will come a day of retribution! And in "Deuces Wild" a card shark finds out the hard way that winning isn't everything - survival's important too!

Dig in!

"Catfight Central vs Pussy Fever Magazine". Wow. That's our "Combat Colosseum" bout and it's a tag-team fight! FOUR stunning gals mix it up in.. mashed potatoes?!! Yup. And The movie is "Underground Catfight League: No Bounderies"! And it's another ass kickin', bitch-slammin' blow-out! Gentlemen, start your downloads!

"Cassie Campbell" walks in to find her boyfriend bangin' TWO chicks while she was gone and she's NOT happy. Blood will flow. Then "Kidnapped" gets a new player this week as Dakotah joins the criminal micro-minds. Things soon get scrambled. "Betrayal in the Dungeon" is up in the short story section. It's a one hunk - two MILF situation and nobody wants to compromise. And dirty fighting often saves the day - as in this week's "Foxy Boxing" where a crotch cruncher ends the match!

Nobody said it was fair,

Ya know... it dawns on me that I MAY be a pervert. It just kinda hit me when I was watching this weeks "Combat Colosseum" clips. The Cupcakes n Cream fight ends and when the winner (spoiler alert) Carolyn stands in the middle of the pool with her hands up in victory and those huge chocolate covered udders sway'n in the breeze.... OI! Worth the price of admission just to see THAT! Hence me thoughts that I might just be a perv. Oh well. 'Least I'm a harmless perv! And make sure to check out the strip-off clips! Don't skip the shower clip either. Lots of making up goin' on! Pervs RULE in "Lies. Camera. ACTION!" where Breena gets the 3-way treatment from her fellow model AND the photographer. They're not very nice to her and apparently she's just the "good time had by all" if ya know what I mean. It's a YUMMY video week!

Then there's a fresh "Wham Bam Room" fight with the customary post-bout rug munchin' and our photo story "Kidnapped" continues as the bad-gal beats the helpless victim and the idiot henchmen threaten to kill each other over who gets her first! The biker gang continues to soften up "Mamba" with torture and bad thoughts this week. Is it just me or do you think one of them would have looked at the naked goddess body in front of them and come up with a different plan? Just say'n.. Then Donny serves up "Sister vs Sister" in the short story section. These two sibling rivals take it WAY over the top. But everybody has there own ways I 'spoze.

Perv'n out!

"Violator" concludes this week with issue #6 - climax! There's a winner who gets it all and a loser that gets "got". Nice conclusion! Then "The Combat Colosseum" gets even stickier as Jewell and Carolyn get some milk and whipped cream to help those cupcakes stay moist! Don't watch this one if you haven't eaten in a while - it'll give you the munchies faster the Wacky Willie's weed! And there's some serious double teaming going on in "Lies. Camera ACTION!" as the photographer sits on Breena's face while the male model pumps her nethers! I can't tell if she's still upset or not - she's kinda busy!

"Cassie Campbell" leaves her boyfriend at home with a sexy maid while she goes shopping? WTF? And before the maid can even complete her "duties" another bimbo bursts in and starts a fight? Where's Cassie? It just ain't a fight without her! "Kidnapped" begins! It's our photo comic about a gang of not-too-bright criminals and their half-witted plot to make some easy cash. I'll bet that it won't work out like they plotted! And a new "Foxy Boxing" chapter features two red heads that go tit to tit in a high fashion lingerer bout! Gorgeous...

Back next week!

Oh boy.. Sheriff Dawn learns that personal vendettas and public service don't mix! "Return to Buzzard County" ENDS this week with a billy club crammed up the sheriffs ass! And such a sweet ass it is! Jewell and Carolyn are chocolate treats swimming around in milk and the crowd eats it up. Or they would if they could! It's cupcakes and milk, tits and ass in the "Combat Colosseum"! So join us for some high calorie FUN! Poor Breena.. There she was contentedly suckin' dick when >WHAM< in comes the shutter-bug. Now she's get'n it force fed to her and worse.. they're double-teaming her! "Lies... Camera... ACTION!" is so unfair! And fantastic!

It's "Cassie Campbell" against the whole bar! So why is everybody hoping the bar wins? Time to pay up Mz AT-TIT-UDE! Then the "Wham Bam Room" shows that what goes up - must come down! And that includes big-boobed cheatin' titty fighters who launch off the ropes! It's an open and shut case of cowgirl abuse. I THINK that's still legal, right? One man's gift to himself for his "Happy Anniversary" just got better! Busted by the wife for maid-cest, he's sure the marriage is toast so.. why not.. get e'm BOTH while ya can?

Makes sense to me!

"Violator" is up with a semi-final bout between a couple of gals you'll recognize. They've both won before but as the bouts progress they get much tougher. It takes a creative mind AND a fit body to win this one! Jewell and Carolyn slip-slide their way through the cup-cakess and milk and somehow come to grip with each other in the "Combat Colosseum" cup-cake bout! Yummy..!

"Lies, Camera, ACTION" stays intense as the crazy shutter-bug decides to "assist" her rival in delivering that blowjob! And she was doing so well all by herself. "Return to Buzzard County" - while you can! A REALLY pissed off prisoner is gonna make sure that next week is the BLOODY END! But in the meantime billy the club gets real close and personal with sheriff Dawn's HEAD! This week's "Foxy Boxing" match is a TOTAL COMPLETE BLOWOUT! Who the hell led that cute little lamb to the slaughter? Shameful! And "Perils of the Cave" is complete brainless babe bashing! Dunno who they are or how they got there but this cave has NEVER seen this kinda girl on girl action!

Short on plot but long on violence and sex!

Just like my first girl friend!

"Cassie Campbell" isn't used to being ignored. So when her drunk date is more interested in the girls on stage.. Cassie explodes! The "Lies.. Camera.. ACTION!" flic takes a violent turn as the shutter bug returns and doesn't approve of the blowjob that's happened in her absence. She's REAL unhappy! Two fetish legends clash in the "Combat Colosseum" as Jewell Marceau and Carolyn Monroe feast on cupcakes and milk! We've done some weird ones but this takes the... cake?

She's tough, she's beautiful - but bright? Not so much. The "Prison Bitch" decides to piss off ALL the guards and quickly learns the price for bad behavior - in the short story section. Then "Return to Buzzard County" where it's anybody's fight in the jail cell and "Billy the club" is in high demand! Cheating? You can't when there's NO RULES! That's the "Wham Bam Room" and sex usually follows violence for those who enter. This week's no exception!

Cupcakes. Dunno WHAT we were thinkin'...

So what's wrong with a couple models having sex when the photographer leaves? Seems okay to me but that sexy shutterbug has a different point of view in "Lies, Camera, ACTION!". And she just walked in on them! Breena and Joy Swallows make this story EXCITING. Over too soon: The "Combat Colosseum" closes out the Petal v Vivianna bout with a melee! The officials get yanked into the rubber ring and after that it's chaos! Oh - we didn't shoot a shower scene on this one - an oversight that haunts me to this day... dammit.

Wasabi's "Violator" gets a new fight this week - it's completely over-the-top and udderly (pun attempted) ridiculous! Good job! As the scrapes and bruises accumulate you gotta know that "Return to Buzzard County" is closing in on the conclusion. But for now, there's still a bitter and hard-fought battle going on in a jail cell between a corrupt sheriff and her high-school rival! Get it while it lasts. 'Nuther bout in "Foxy Boxing" this week. This time it's a couple of brunettes goin' toe-to-toe..- to crotch! And super-cop Mambretti just can't catch a break. Even with her hands tied behind her back she's kickin' outlaw biker ass but there's just too many of 'em! Now she's on her knees and (hopefully) you get the idea of what's comin' up next. Gonna be one sore throat in the next issue of "Mamba"! Oh boy...

Can't wait!

"Lies.. Camera.. ACTION!" starts this week. Breena and Joy Swallows both put on an amazing performance as the model and photographer who want the same guy. This was such a learning experience - for ME. There came a point in the shoot where I said something like"okay now you're gonna give him some head", expecting a good simulation that I could shoot and try to make look real. But no... without hesitation Breena whips that sucker outta his shorts and started on it like she'd been looking forward to it all day! Well after I got my bearings again I just kept shooting like that was what i had expected all along. Sorry for any camera shaking. Sure was an interesting day..

The "Combat Colosseum" keeps on with the splish-splash action as Petal and Vivianna trade blows. Even the Referee (Jewel Marceau) gets in on the action! And there's more surprises to come. "Return to Buzzard County" takes an unexpected turn as the victimized boobie-gal turns the tables on Sheriff Dawn. That pic with her staring straight up at those hangin' boobs... OY! We gotta wrap-up to the "Cassie Campbell - Ramp" story this week. Let's just say the fashionistas will be talking about this show until they die! Slid's up with "Clatter in the Classroom" - shoulda been called "D-cups in Detention". Then the "Wham Bam Room" shows up with a classic beat-down. One gal just brought her mouth to a FIST fight! It didn't really work out for her.

That's just how it goes.

"Intervention" wraps up this week. I think they've come to a meeting of the minds.. ! Petal Benson just wants Viviana to lay down and drown in the soapy water but the 'lil brunette ain't have'n none. Her insolence knows no bounds as she even dares to /..put up a fight! /What next? Dreams of victory? HA! That would only happen in a fair world - this is the Catfight Central's "Combat Colosseum"! Sheriff Dawn (aka Jockstrap Jenn) has Lisa knocked out and naked and now she's got a new plan. Whatever it is, Lisa's gonna really be sorry that she decided to "Return to Buzzard County". That sheriff wears "bat-shit crazy" like a facial tatoo! Kinda hard to miss.

Wasabi's "Violator" series starts a new fight - a contest to NOT get two balls rudely inserted simultaneously. Yeah, it's even stranger than it sounds. But a lotta fun! There's trouble inside the ring as "Foxy Boxing" is up with another bout. This one's got the usual impossible-fantasy girls and it's over way too fast! Don't blink!

D'praved is back with "Bikini Bust" - a story of police over-reach if ever there was one! Over-reach, over-developed, over-aggressive and over-sexed!

Over and out.

No feud like a family feud, huh? The gals in "Intervention" are about to kill each other and it's a fight between sisters-in-law. Little sister does NOT like that bitch cheat'n on her brother! Then Petal and Adrianna are sure get'n clean in the "Combat Colosseum" soapy water fight! But the dirty dealing of the "officials" more than makes up for it...>sigh<.

"Cassie Campbell" finds a new way to get into a fight - this time it's on the model catwalk! She's a victim of foul play but her revenge is waaay over the top. Things are taking a turn for the worse in "Return to Buzzard County" this week. Sheriff Dawn just friggin' knocks her prisoner out with her billy club and while she's still unconscious and handcuffed the sheriff backs off and starts to peel out of her uniform. What's the soon-to-be naked crazy cop got in store now?

Words have power. Just ask the big titty babe with the loud-mouth blog in this week's "Be Careful what You Type Bitch!" short story to convince yourself. It'll scare you off twitter! And there's a new fighter in the "Wham Bam Room" and she came prepared! Prepared to drug her opponent, cheat in every way imaginable, force sex on the poor girl and humiliate her in front of the crowd. THAT's prepared!

Until next week!

Mambretti is about to get a booster shot of sleepy-juice when she makes her move in the back of the kidnappers van. But she's still handcuffed and naked and now she's going to take on the whole biker gang? No shortage of chutzpa in "Mamba"! Then it's almost a shame to have Petal and Vivianna lock up in the "Combat Colosseum". They're soooo friggin' beautiful.. But lock up they do and now it's a bubble bash to the finish! And there's no war like a civil war - and no fight like a family fight! "Intervention" has the sister-in-laws putting the hurt on each other like only "loved ones" can!

"Foxy Boxing" wraps up another bout and the fight descends into chaos after a third fighter jumps into the ring. I predict an upset! Sheriff "Jockstrap Jenn" has lost it! pushed over the edge by her busty victims refusal to just lay there and take it, she's using that billy club to beat the holy shit out of her helpless captive. Man.. nobody can take much of THAT treatment! Just a reminder - NEVER piss off the law in "Buzzard County"! And "Violator" issue 2 is up from Wasabi! Edged weapons and hormone injections take center ring?

Never a dull moment!

Giant jugs look great! But they're easy targets (as the cheatin' wife in our feature flic "Intervention" finds out)! And the HUGE "Combat Colosseum" bubble bout gets even soapier! Mona lays on the bubble goop and makes sure that she doesn't miss a spot! The "Wham Bam Room" has a David vs Goliath match that's so lopsided that you just KNOW somebody's gonna interfere and "Return to Buzzard County" pulls no punches as the crazy sheriff tries to torture strung-up her prisoner - but ends up on her ass!

"Cassie Campbell" takes down her rival diva in the sand 'n surf but there's LOTS of hard feelings. And wrappin' it up this week is Donny's "Stalked" comic about a crazy wife that takes out her hubby's lover via a car crash! But it doesn't end like she thought it would. Not even close..

Chicks.. can't figure 'em out!

Okay! I get requests frequently to re-run Wasabi's "Violator" series and I finally did it. So all you Wasabi fans get in and get it - starts this week! You have been heard and we aim's to please. And the "Combat Colosseum" has a real screamer of a match starting up. Petal Benson (aka Adriana Nichol) takes on Vivianna Hughes in a bubble match! Better yet, besides these two porn princess Jewell Marceau is the referee and MONA is the, uh... (dunno what her function is actually) roaming shit-disturber? OUTSTANDING match! There's a short story called "Extensive Care" from Donny and that cheating housewife from "Intervention" finally decides to fight back!

"Return to Buzzard County" heats up as the sheriff strips her prisoner bare for an inspection then turns to the billy club for.. an "enhanced" interrogation? Oh boy! Interference from "an interested third party" turns the "Foxy Boxing" match into a free-for-all and chaos is my only prediction! Usually I'm right.

But not always..

"Cassie Campbell" steps into the line-up this week! She's the darling of the "check-out stand trash-azines" because of her outrageous behavior - and the fact that she tends to shed (or shred) her clothes when she's misbehaving! Then it's the final week for this anazing oil bout we have goin' in the "Combat Colosseum"! Hate to see it end but that means you'll also get a shower scene too! That undercover cop just got her first fight in the "Wham Bam Room". And she's cleaning house! The BOSS has noticed so now it's just a matter of time until she nails them all? Or not.

Our feature video gets goin' when the sister-in-law decides that some physical "Intervention" is the only way to stop that cheatin' ho from embarrassing the family. Now tied up and slapped silly, what's a cheatin' ho to do? Uh oh.. "Jockstrap Jenn" is now Sheriff Dawn but the pain she felt as a rejected teen still drives her. Drives her INSANE! And her worst enemy is at her mercy when she calls for backup in the form of "Billy". But is it "Billyclub" or Billydildo"? Or better yet..BOTH? Good reason to "Return to Buzzard County"! And fine dining will never be the same after a jealous wife catches her hubby and his mistress in the upscale eatery! "Just Desserts" serves up an appetizing spread in the short story section!

Pass the whip cream!,

"Foxy Boxing" continues this week with Maria taking a vicious beating from Victoria. She's down and about to be counted out when...somebody else jumps in! Then Billigan meets up with a lovely native gal and makes a new friend. But Cinnamon strolls in at just the wrong moment. Beating commences.. in "Billigan's Isle"!

The plot thickens as the "Buzzard County" sheriff reveal why she's holding that busty prisoner. But who could blame her for holding a grudge? The "Combat Colosseum" is a squirmy-squealy mess! And one helluva great show. These gals really enjoy this kind of action - and it shows. "Intervention" gets off to a Pearl Harbor start with a sneak attack. And "Mamba" is back with another episode! The lesbian FBI agent has slipped her a roofy to get in her pants and now the biker gang busts in and knocks her out with an injection. As the agent looks on. Sometimes you just can't catch a break!

Thanks fellas,

It's the final week of the feature flic! Tune in now and find out who's gonna "CASH OUT"! Then check out the castaway antics in Slid's "Billigan's Island" when the girls decide that they're lonely enough to even hit on - Billigan! But they need to work out a few issues first.. And it's chapter 1 of "Return to Buzzard County"! A gorgeous local sheriff holds a grudge and now, years after highschool, her one-time teenage tormenter ends up in her jail cell! It's PAY-BACK time!

There's a shorty up called "Military Justice" about a disagreement amongst the elite troops and the "Wham Bam Room" just attracted the cops attention. Now they're going to send in their own ringer to do battle and find out where all the missing fighters went. Finally, you gotta see the "Combat Colosseum" bout! So much round shiny goodness to see as these evenly-matched beauties do less-than-good-things to each other!

Packs a Punch!

The "Combat Colosseum" bout 'tween Sydney and Mia is TOUGH! These gals twist each other up so much that it's hard to tell where one gal stops and the other one starts! The fact that they're so similar in size and shape just makes it even more confusing. But it's worth the effort! It's DONE! "Fall from Grace" wraps it up this week with resounding victory and an ignominious defeat! Then it's time for some "floor work" as the "CASH OUT" gals take it down and tear each other up for the money!

"Playing for the other Team" is in the short story section. Woman walks in to find a tryst underway.. but this is a tryst with a twist! And "Thrilla in Vanilla" sits there too. This one's got a very short fight - and a long session of "consequences" for the loser! Then we're kicking off another "Foxy Boxing" bout with two more 'to die for' hotties and lots of bad blood between 'em. Gonna be a smoker!

Hotter than hell in Tucson this week - hope you're faring better.

The "Combat Colosseum" gets another twisted update as Sydney and Mia tie each other into tiny little knots. Tiny little knots with big tits that is! And big honckers are in style with our movie "Cash Out" too. K.C. and Eve are in a duel to the death over the money that Eve's idiot boyfriend let K.C. get away from him. They say it's the root of all evil, ya know...

The "Hotel Fight" short story wraps it up this week with part two of the crazy lady's outta control temper and "Crisis" show's what's up with that "The Devil made me do it" defense. The "Wham Bam Room" is back with a DEVASTATING beating (that should result in criminal charges) and Hera takes a brutal bashing as we come up to the last couple issues of "Fall from Grace"!

Until next week!

Titty dancers collide when one gal "steals" another gal's hard-earned money! The chase is on and the money hangs in the balance in "CASH OUT"! Then the contortion match resumes in the "Combat Colosseum"! These gals twist each other into knots and with every movement big, bouncy things pop our of their bikinis! Voyeur fight!

"Foxy Boxing" wraps up another bout this week with an exhausted winner. But who's more surprised by her victory? The audience or HER? A quick kick to the crotch settles any lingering doubt about divinity in "Fall from Grace" and then come the short stories.. "The Boss" shows the ROUGH way to make it up the corporate ladder and there's 5 pages of "Hotel Fight" - a crazy showdown in a rented room.

Sounds like fun!

Greetings Catfight lovers! There's lots to love this week. We wrap up "Beer Brawl" from Joker with the second half of the story this week and you'll be happy to know that nobody pressed charges. So far... Then it's time for the "Catfight Colosseum" to echo to the screams of the vanquished! This time it's Sydney taking on Mia in an oil match chock full of big glistening round things! Tits and ass.. makes the world go round ya know! "Cash Out" has an abundance of T&A too - maybe too much for one room! When one stripper corners another strippers man and starts taking all of her hard earned money - conversation ain't gonna be able to smooth it out. Nope. But there's another way! >SMACK<

Ditzy Goddesses roll in the dirt and fight like dogs as they profess their holy grandeur to each other and highlight their "Fall from Grace" but I don't think anybody's believing it. And the corner team grabs a fighter and screws her ringside in this weeks "WhamBam Room" comic. In most places that would be cheating but 'round here we see it as a mild infraction. We'll give them a warning. It's all relative, ya know? And the butch bitch with the big boobies is back as team "Mamba" finally finds a hide-out (and Mambretti finally puts on a shirt). But just when she thinks she's got a few minutes without a deadly battle to relax (and wear clothes) - the freakin' FBI agent makes her move! WTF is goin on there?

Guess we'll find out!

So the "Catfight Colosseum" bout continues - against all odds. I can't figure out why Nadia hasn't put her tiny 'lil opponent out of her misery yet. Doesn't make sense! But in other video news "Cash Out" makes perfect sense. This ambitious titty dancer has a low-IQ type cornered in the VIP room and he's not get'n out while he still has money. THAT I understand. But the twist is that it's not HIS money - and hell WILL be paid!

The Joker666 has a short story called "Beer Brawl" that's pure intoxication. Last one standing wins? Grab a keg and check it out! Down and dirty doesn't come close to describing how the mighty have fallen in "Fall from Grace". Hellenic goddesses act more like lowly mortals than they'll ever admit - but we know the truth. The "Foxy Boxing" gals finish another round with a SLAM to the floor and there's a new "Tough Bitches" story about an unfortunate laboratory accident. Now.. if they could only bottle that!

I'd be their first customer!

Get ready to RUMBLE! "CASH OUT" is starting and while it's all nicey-nice in the dressing room - it's WAR once the money comes out! Rival dancers go after the same sugar daddy and in the end.. there can be only one! Then there's a pause to re-oil and the battles is on once again in the "Combat Colosseum"! Nadia just can't seem to put that tiny blonde in a box. Maybe she's losing it? Hera takes a vicious bite from Athena in the "Fall from Grace" photo story and the corruption inside the "Wham Bam Room" reaches new lows as the boys get invited to join the humiliation. Is there no end to the dirty dealing?

Then there's two short stories. The "School for Pimps" may sound kinda silly but if you wanna make the cash you better bone up on this "how to"! And "Don't Mess with Betsy" closes out the week with a bar-fight. A really GOOD bar-fight! Reminds me of my youth..

Good times!

Ditzy babes get BUSTED in this week's conclusion to "Paint by Numbers"! it's up and complete NOW. Then the second of Slid's "Big Boob Trailer Park Slapdown" stories is up. It's a mystery to everybody why they're fighting - except for one guy. The lopsided battle in the "Combat Colosseum" continues without fatality - so far. But no promises!

"Foxy Boxing" barrels on with knockers get'n Knocked HARD and kicks to the crotch! I guess we don't need no stinkin' rules, huh? Then the "Forbidden Fruit" short story will grab your attention. Hint: It's BAD FORM to nail your sister-in-law. Worse to do her MOM! Hera gets a face full of Athena's feet after she's sat on and bitch-slapped her a while. They sure don't fight like Goddesses. Oh what a "Fall from Grace"!

Until next week!

"Mamba" is one tough cop. This week she's standing topless in the bed of a pick'emup truck with a machine gun - shooting at the bad boy biker bunch that's trying to take her witness - and leaving a trail of burning bikes and splattered brains behind her. And nobody notices that she's half naked? Where are the news people? Where are the drones? Yeah. Well if ya want to see - this is the place! Then two more babes enter the "Wham Bam Room" but suspicions of shenanigans are confirmed when another fighter steps in and takes charge. I HATE dirty fights ('least when I'm not sharing in the graft). Dirty cheaters...!

Slippery Slid slides one in with "Big Boob Trailer park Slap-down". It's all about two gals with big a trailer park..getting into a slap-down. Whodathunkit? "Paint by Numbers" splatters on and Jewell's on the defense as Erika loses her sense of humor. I saw this coming. Sure.. it's all fun and games until somebody gets PAINTED! "Fall from Grace" has Goddess titty-torture and "The Combat Colosseum" has some of that too. But The Colosseum bout is remarkable in one major sense - the 'lil blonde is still alive! Contrary to all expectations Nadia has not been able to close the deal and trash that brat! Don't understand it... Unless... Nah. If it was fixed I'd have more money!

Oh well, until next week!

The mis-match that we call the "Combat Colosseum" continues and somehow the 'lil blonde chick didn't get the memo that she was 'spozed to just get trashed. This appears to upset Nadia who fully expects to tear that 'lil chick's head off. How dare she fight back? Then another "Foxy Boxing" match begins and before this issue is over they've already sunk to crotch kicking! No time to waste with those silly "rules" I guess. "Fall from Grace" stays in the dirt as Godess titties get twisted. Hera does the twisting but why doesn't she make her foe "whistle"? Or does that date me?

Paint gets shoved where paint ain't supposed to go in this weeks "Paint by Numbers" clips. Bet THAT was a bitch to explain! "Tough Bitches" has a fresh issue and this time it's a self-defense class that goes waaaaay over the line. Not that I'd complain.. And "Locker Room Drills" is up in the short story section. FYI: "drilling" some chick in a locker room that she shares with your girlfriend is not so bright! Duhh.

Been there...

Erika's in trouble as this week's "Paint by Numbers" clips have her get'n the leg clamp from Jewell. She's gotta be slippery enough to get out. But...maybe she likes it! "Baby oil Classic" takes you into the world of the idle rich. Two chicks with waaay too much free time get together for a little test of stamina - and discover a new way to pass the day! Audrina has got that pint-sized Coke bottle shape going. But you can tell at a glance that Nadia is gonna twist her into a pretzel! Anything short of divine intervention will result in a badly mangled 'lil blonde inside the "Combat Colosseum" don't you think?

She ain't messin' around! One pissed-off pistol-packin' momma has caught her man and THAT WOMAN together and she's out for blood! "Woman Scorned" is a shooting gallery! Goddess - Shmoddess. Now that Zeus has stripped their powers these two celestial bodies are scrappin' and scratchin' and spittin' dirt just like mortals. What a nasty "Fall from Grace" huh? And rounding out the week - "Hardhat Slapdown" from the mighty Slid. Diggin' ditches all day must make you horny. But get'n caught diggin' the wrong ditch can really screw up the workplace!

Twist 'em 'till they whistle!

There's a brand-new "Combat Colosseum" starting up this week. Tiny 'lil Audrina takes on Nadia in an oil match that's as lopsided as the federal budget. Nadia smirks and struts but the tiny one has yet to show what she can do. "Foxy Boxing" wraps up another bout with the closer. Don't blink. Things change too damn fast in this one! "Battle of the Beach Babes" is up from Slid and "Fall from Grace" shows that even the Goddesses can learn new tricks!

"Paint by Numbers" is a crotch stretching riot as Erica tries to split Jewell wide open. But Jewell is VERY FLEXIBLE! And finally, the "WhamBam Room" explodes as on contestant tries a new way to self-motivate to victory!


It's almost over! This week wraps up the "Combat Colosseum" bout 'tween KC and Natalie. It's a real titty squeaker! Shower clip up too! And then "Paint by Numbers" is up with Jewell and Erika doing their best to camouflage themselves in the paint mess. Didn't work - they still grapple and squirm! "Fall from Grace' - former Goddesses scratch and grunt and roll in the dirt as they tear each others clothing off! Unseemly for their lofty status - but that's how it goes when you piss off Zeus!

The "WhamBam Room" is back with another issue of splay-legged bimbos fighting and paying a heavy price for losing and there's a brand-new issue of "Lucha Libre XXX"! Then the pursuit of higher learning leads us to Slid's "It's All Academic" about an interrupted tryst in the counselor's office. All I can say is that his college recollections are much more exciting than mine!


Beautiful sights to be seen in the Catfight Central "Combat Colosseum"! K.C. is udderly magnificent (especially in that oil) and Natalie is lithe and limber and sleek as a cat. Great times! "Foxy Boxing" slams ahead with the 3rd chapter of "Shiva v Diamond" and Diamond is in some real trouble at the end. Seriously.. saved by the bell! Erika and Jewell have completely given up on the painting job so I guess there's nothing else left to do except splash each other with paint and destroy the place. So "Paint by Numbers" is loads of fun...but then YOU didn't have to clean up!

Godess-schmodess. Let's see those asses! It won't be long now that Athena and Hera have been de-godded by Zeus. This week they're both in for a little lesson in what we mere mortals call "pain" - all part of their "Fall from Grace". Then a brand new "Tough Bitches" is up with some dirty fighting in the jungle and a winner that loses BIG! The last chapter of "The Catfight Diary" is up. Strange.. these women beat the hell out of each other when all they really want is sex! Go figure!


Well Erika has finally snapped at Jewell and IT'S ON in "Paint by Numbers". The multicolored paint flies in all directions and their clothes are suddenly in the way! "Busted up Bitch" appears in the short-story section. It's a lopsided tale of three gals that set out to teach a way-too-arrogant blonde and a cheating boyfriend a lesson that they'll NEVER forget! And "Fall from Grace" takes a couple pretty goddesses and dumps them in the dirt. Now they wallow in it like ordinary mortals!

Big "Mamba" news! The biker assassins have not given up. Now they've machine gunned her cool wheels and set her shirt on fire. But for this detective that's just an great excuse to whip off that shirt and let her BIG GUNS out! And she'll leave a trail of death behind her. K.C. decides to titty-twist Natalie this week but it's a move that quickly backfires. After all, if ANYONE is vulnerable to having a tit grabbed and tweeked - it's HER! So enjoy the "Combat Colosseum" this week and when you see a titty twist.. try and whistle! And "Catfight Diary" takes you to a kinky workplace where petty bitches rule and terrorize the employees! Sounds like my last job 'cept for the nudity and sex.

Never enough sex..

"Fall from Grace" is about to live up to it's name. Zeus steps in and strips Hera and Athena of their Goddess powers. Now they're gonna have to wallow on the ground and sort out their differences - just like us mortals! Chapter 3 of "To Serve and Protect" is up and the bad-girl has the gun! Worse still, she's decided that the hot lesbian cop in now gonna have to blow her partner! Methinks her partner's gonna be okay with that. "Maternal Instinct" is up in the short story section. Guy's wife walks in on a tryst he's having with his step-daughter and before you know it there's two generations of hot babes fighting for his attentions. Gotta make Thanksgiving dinner kinda awkward, ya know?

"Paint by Numbers" is about to go whack-o! Jewel keeps screwing around and Erika has about had enough of it. But you knew this was gonna end messily didn't you? Sure hope that's water-based paint. The "Combat Colosseum" bout 'tween K.C. and Natalie has reached the "boobs out" stage this week. Suddenly there's SO MUCH to see! And this week's "Foxy Boxing" LOOKS like it's at the end. But even after a submission there's dirty deeds in the offing (and there's one more chapter left) so I'm gonna guess that some nasty shit is about to take place.

Don't it always?

"Lucha Libre XXX" kicks off this week's update with a brand new episode! The "Sexy Tigress" just annihilates her opponent but that's not enough. She calls for backup in the form of the "Meat Man" and together they reduce the poor gal to a quivering cum-covered mental case. Tough luck but a real crowd pleaser! Then "Busens" is a completely brainless big-boob-bimbo-bash that won't wear out your mind - just entertains the eyes! Nobody ever claimed that they were smart ya know.

"To Serve & Protect" issue 2 is up. The crook is kickin' ass! No the cop's got the upper hand! Well it goes back and forth and between the strap-on action and the 9mm deepthroat they DO entertain! "Fall from Grace" is up with a big-ass photo story introduction. Hera decides that she ain't gonna take no shit from Athena so they mix it up - Goddess style! But Zeus may have something to say about it - stay tuned. Naturally the "Combat Colosseum" bout 'tween K.C. and Natalie moves along. There's a couple "heavenly" bodies for you. But they sure don't act like ladies..

Then there's a really special treat. "Paint by Numbers" fills in the movie slot for a little while with Jewell Marceau and Erika Steele! These two bondage babes take a side job doing a little painting. Let's just hope that the kept their day jobs 'cause this isn't gonna get 'em any referals - 'least for painting!

But then again.. I hired 'em!

"Last Girl Standing" concludes this week with a >BANG< but Olga just goes to pieces! All-time fav K.C. Cannons takes on porn star Natalie Minx in the "Combat Colosseum" this week. There's no shortage of boobs OR attitude! "Vicious Visions" wraps it up this with another bruising episode of referee fantasy fight. Don't let the 'lil blondes size fool you!

The first of three "To Protect and Serve" episodes is up in the short story section where it's joined by "Movie Queen Madness". The first one is Nightwing's VERY early short series about a lady cop that has to face some unusual challenges while the second one pits Rita Hayworth against Marilyn Monroe in a hair pulling movie diva showdown! Then the third "Foxy Boxing" match begins this week! Rookies.. they're not that effective as fighters yet but they're sure nice to behold! And they'll learn.

See ya next week!

Wow. What an idiot! I prematurely declared the "Combat Colosseum" bout 'tween Stacy and Jewell over last week. Duhh.. Well it's actually ending this week (I have independent confirmation this time). Dunno. Brain took a day off I guess. So I'll really try not to screw up anything this week. Really!

"Visions" continues with sweet 'lil thang get'n clobbered by Nadia (over and over and over!) but she just won't quit. And the God-mother of "just won't quit" has to be Olga from "Last Girl Standing". Private Dancer has faced some tough foes before but Olga is like the "Energizer bunny mated with a vampire" - she just won't die! Fortunately, Dancer has an epiphany (and a couple bricks) so MAYBE she'll put the deliciously over-boobed bad-girl down this time!

"MAMBA" turns down a lesbian pass from the FBI and gets to yank some moron off of a moving motorcycle this week and "Hackers" is up from D'praved (WHY do they wear lingerie and show up in person to "hack" ..dunno) and then Slid's up with "Caught in the Storeroom" which is kinda self-explanatory. Jealous rage, four huge boobs, ripped clothing - you get the idea - the good stuff!

What's the pilots prayer? Oh, yeah.
"..please don't let me screw up"

Oh boy.. It's the final week for the Jewell v Stacy "Combat Colosseum". This one is up for grabs 'till the last couple of heart-beats! Shower clip up too (yummy!). "Vicious Visions" does another re-set and more clothing gets shredded. The tiny blonde is get'n thrashed but she doesn't seem to mind. Maybe that's her thing? "Last Girl Standing" shows Olga get'n face-smashed with a sand bag and stomped into mush. BUT SHE WON'T QUIT and Dancer is almost out of ideas! Tough chicks..

You can step right into "A Messy Affair" in the short story section but you'll probably get splattered. And you REALLY don't want that to happen. Next up: a bounty hunter closes in on her prey in "Pepper Perez" but she likes to play a bit first. Like a cat with a mouse.

Mistaken identity or a set-up? You decide as mayhem hits the locker room in "Cheer Squad Stomp". It's a rumble!

Dig in!

Jewell and Stacy continue in the "Combat Colosseum" this week and if you think that they're getting tired.. Think again! Gotta love 'em! And every time that clothing appears it gets shredded in seconds as "Vicious Visions" re-sets and re-starts. It's like 4 fights in one! "College Crush" is up in the short story section. It's enough to make ya wish you'd stuck around and become a teacher!

He's home from a road trip a day early and walks in to find his wife and .. another woman?! Well, I'd roll with it but Mr. Dumbinski just stands and stares in "Strap-On". Whatta dipshit.. Private Dancer finds a brick to be the answer to her prayers! But can she follow up and stop Olga once-and-for-all? Or will the eastern block booby gal be the "Last Girl Standing"? And what happens when two domestic servants both want the same "treatment"? A Catfight of course! And to the winner goes the dick! Check out "Maid Just for You" and imagine that you had that kinda money!

Just close yer eyes..

Feeling' lucky? This week we're rollin' sevens! "All Together" is in the short story section and it's damn-near perfect! The artwork is first-class and the dialogue stays outta the way nicely! And a nasty post-poker fight called "Deuce's Wild" from D'praved joins it in the short story section. Then "Foxy Boxing" gets gritty as the women tire and the clenches stretch out. But then from nowhere comes a hay-maker that changes everything!

Olga takes control in "Last Girl Standing" but Dancer's got an ace in the hole. Or maybe it's a BRICK Oh man.. there's a completely lopsided beating-in-progress goin' on in "Vicious Visions" as the tiny blonde gets tossed around like a rag-doll! Cool! Busty beauties! "Stacy vs Jewell" has gotta be one of our top three "Combat Colosseum" videos. Both of these gals give it ALL (and then some) once that magic oil hits 'em!

Justice served weekly!

Stacy Burke is on a tear this week in the "Combat Colosseum" and it's all at Jewell's expense. Then a question: Have you ever wondered what a Combat Colosseum referee thinks about when he's not being a referee? Yeah. Me neither. But that didn't stop us from making a movie about it! Check out "Vicious Visions" this week's new movie! Seriously.. he's got a better imagination than ANYBODY woulda predicted!

"MAMBA" is back with episode #4! This time she's gotta "soften up" the bad guy in an interrogation. She's pretty good at it too - 'specially considering that "soft" isn't what usually happens around her! "Last Girl Standing" has pvt. Dancer just rockin' Olga's world this week! But Olga might have been just testing her strength. (Sneaky, that one!) Then a couple of huge-boobed teachers bare their goodies in a classroom phantasy fight! Even get'n caught by the principal doesn't break them up in "No More Teacher's Dirty Looks". And you should be so lucky as the guy that gets caught with the wrong gal in "Forbidden Fruit". Looks like some scary fun!

Throttle down!

Wow! Stacy Burke and Jewell Marceau light up the "Combat Colosseum" and these gals know what they're doin! And it's the final week of "Torture at Ten" and the crazy gal is determined to settle her grievances NOW. Fellas, somebody won't live to see the sunrise! Then "Foxy Boxing" continues with another chapter of pain and the gorgeous gals that dish it out.

Short stories include "Marie Antoinette" (Yep, the "let ;em eat cake gal") and "Personal Trainer" (THIS would sell those gym memberships!). Then private Dancer is saved because Olga ran out of ammunition? I can't help noticing that that's the same gun Dancer was gonna use on Olga before she took it from her. Just pointing that out. Oh well.. she's great looking so maybe with smart we can be.. ah.. flexible? Let's see who's the "Last Girl Standing"!


Welcome back! This week "Torture at Ten" continues and the crazy chick with the gun strips herself and her hostage for a point-by-point comparison - on the air! And then (no genius here) SHE GIVES UP THE GUN! And the fight is ON! Then it's the final week of the "Combat Colosseum" bout 'tween Jezebel and Lucky. Rough way to end a fight.. But the shower scene is up and the rest of the strip-off video is too so dig in!

Part two of "Last Girl Standing" is up and Private Dancer doesn't look like she's gonna last long against Corporal Punishment. A brick upside the head tends to change the direction of a fight huh? And how could she allow her enemy to take her gun? Hmm.

Short stories include "A Day in the Life" from D'praved , "Hot Training" and "Fill er Up". So we've got brainless titty-gals in the Gym, Horny professional fighters in the training room and babes who pay for gas with blowjobs (until the gf shows up) - in order. Now THAT'S diversity!

See ya next week!

"Torture at Ten" resumes with outrageous demands and hostage taking on farmlands TV. But that's just the warm up as the crazy babe makes her rival strip and show the goodies - live and uncensored! And it must be babes with guns month or something 'cause "Last Girl Standing" begins with LOTS of guns and bombs and boobs! There's a double-update up just to get it going! Slid slides in with "Black Widow Slapdown" in the short story section and "Sex, Lies & Wrestling Belts" concludes this week from the mighty Smudge!

The "Combat Colosseum" hasn't seen a dirtier fight then Jezebel vs Lucky - ever! Jezebel gets Lucky's signature "pussy clench of death" hold this week too! And the dream girls of "Foxy Boxing" bring tits and pugilistic experience to the ring like nobody else! Hot babes - brutal blows!

So how do ya like '15 so far?

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